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To what extent is Britain a liberal democracy?

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Politics Assignment one To what extent is Britain a liberal democracy Student's name: LU ZHEYU (MERCURY) Student number: LUZ11125509 Lecturer's name: JOHN BARRY Submission dateï¼ Through a long way of development, current democracy separate to two main forms. The direct democracy is describe the people are directly involved into making decisions. Relatively, representative democracy is defined instead people making decisions by themselves they elect specific number of people to represent them to making decisions. Liberal democracy is a form of representative democracy where citizens are given certain rights and freedoms. It is a system of governing a country meanwhile the power of the government is limited. A liberal democracy is combine three basic types of power the first is legislative. In the United Kingdom the Parliament plays a same role to make new laws and to reform those already in existence. Second is executive power, in the United Kingdom this power has been granted to the government and its department. Last is judicial power, in the United Kingdom, these ranges from the House of Lords, the high-test appeal court, to local courts over control magistrates. These power is use to explain laws and to make judgments about whether people have been broken or not. ...read more.


In the United Kingdom, there are more protection of rights like anti-discrimination would help balance the different race problem, equal working opportunities for woman, and employment & union right would have specific task to protect employees, establish trade union acts,etc. Therefore, people who living in United Kingdom was under protect those acts. Elections are another important feature to support Britain is a liberal democratic country. According to the explanation of liberal democratic elections, it must be free and unbiased and also must be a choice of political parties claimed with different views and policies. A secret ballot must be held so that the voter does not feel pressured into casting a vote for a political party that they do not want to. Meanwhile the government and Parliament is elected by and accountable to the voters, elections also will hold in a regular year like the Australia has presidential election every 5 years. Thus, in the United Kingdom the electoral system is free and fair, have secret ballot and universal suffrage of 18 plus. One more feature support liberal democracy is lack of corruption, in website WorldAudit.org shows the United Kingdom is rank 15 over 149 countries. It is really well compare to other countries but also not as well as countries like New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore ,Finland, etc. ...read more.


Even some people think there are not necessary parts in the United kingdom. But they still play a positive image for Britain and also according to history, these parts are existed in Britain more than 100 years, it is difficult to abolish them in modern society. Britain are also a member with almost conventions or groups which are aims to protect different race, different classes, different occupation,etc.Those activities express the UK government notice resident whether happy or not in terms of people who live in UK can own their basic human rights and enjoy civil liberties,etc. In conclusion, even though the United Kingdom cannot offer the all features of the liberal democracy, but Britain did majority features even some were essential to a liberal democratic country. Thus, according to the criteria for liberal democracy, and above analyze and several examples, it would suggest that the United Kingdom is a liberal democratic country. Word count: 1561 Student's name:LU ZHEYU Mercury Reference: 1. BENTLEY,R.ET AL (2006) BRITISH POLITICS IN FOCUS ORMSKIRK ANSEWAY PRESS 2. McNaughton, N.(1996) SUCCESS IN POLITICS A COMPARATIVE STUDY FOR ADVANCED LEVEL LONDON, JOHN MURRAY (publishers) Ltd. 3. McNaughton, N.(2010) EDEXCEL GOVERNMENT&POLITICS FOR AS LONDON, HODDER EDUCATION 4. Human rights http://uk.ask.com/wiki/Human_rights accessed in 10/12/11 5. Statistics about the world rank of corruption http://worldaudit.org/corruption.htm accessed in 11/12/11 6. Protection of Human Rights Under the United States Constitution http://www.jstor.org/pss/1025061 accessed in 15/12/11 ...read more.

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