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To what extent is Ecologism a single doctrine?

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´╗┐To what extent is Ecologism a single doctrine? Ecologism as an ideology is deeply divided between those who practice ?shallow ecology? and ?deep ecology?, whilst also encompassing a number of other ?classical? ideological traditions and therefore may alternatively be seen as a ?cross-cutting ideology?. Ecologists share a belief in ?ecology?: the natural world is a complex web of interlinked ecosystems, the global ecosystem or biosphere being the largest. ...read more.


Deep ecologists completely reject anthropocentrism: the purpose of human life is to sustain nature. Environmental crisis has profound cultural and intellectual roots ? the problem being a mechanistic world-view based on scientism. Deep ecologists therefore argue we must fundamentally change the way we understand the world, and look to modern physics, eastern mysticism and primitive religion for this ?paradigm shift?. Whilst rejecting a ?dualistic world-view? as eco-feminism, eco-socialism, eco-anarchism and shallow ecologists have, instead embracing a ?holistic? world view: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. ...read more.


In contrast, shallow ecologists view deep ecology as deeply flawed, both philosophically and morally: philosophically as it believes anthropocentrism and ecology are mutually exclusive; morally because humanists see environmental ethics cannot be non-anthropocentric because morality is a human construct. In contrast, shallow ecologists accept the lessons of ecology, yet use them to further human needs and ends. Therefore amounting to a form of ?enlightened anthropocentrism?. Practicing ?weak sustainability? in contrast to the ?strong sustainability? of ?deep ecology?. Attempting to reconcile ecology with economic growth, getting richer but at a slower pace, often achieved through progressive taxation. ...read more.

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