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What creational theory should be taught?

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What creational theory should be taught? Creational theories have been argued and debated for hundreds of years. Many people believe that the universe as created by a God. They claim that God created the earth and every living thing in it. Others support Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin theory states that organisms have evolved over a large period of time. There is evidence to support both beliefs. In schools evidence of both Darwin's Theory and the Creational Theory should be presented to students together, and equally, in order for and educated decision to be reached. Both the Creational and Darwin's theory have merit. ...read more.


The story requires faith in an event that cannot be explained. Many people are drawn to believe in the Creation theory because the want to have faith in something. Humans naturally want to believe in a higher power. And are comforted to know they can follow someone more powerful that them. Despite the validity of both theories there are those who oppose teaching them together. These people argue that the two theories contradict each other. They argue that the two theories will confuse children. Some religious followers even go as far as to completely disregard Darwin's theory. Many allow their religious beliefs to cloud their reasoning ability. ...read more.


There are many facts regarding creation and evolution but it is not all black and white. There are many gray areas in the field. This can further interest a student and makes him likely to find out more. In the future scientists will continue to find more concrete evidence regarding creation. The students of today will be come the scientists of tomorrow. A proper education requires the teaching of Darwin's evolutionary theory and the creation theory together. It is important that both theories are presented clearly and equally. Students deserve to be taught all the facts and theories regarding their past. What students choose to believe is not important. The fact that they formed their own beliefs is what matters. Students who are not taught both the Creation and Evolutionary theories are miseducated. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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