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Why did the Conservatives remain in power from 1951 to 1964?

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Why did the Conservatives remain in power from 1951 to 1964? There are many arguments to why the conservatives managed to stay in power for a long thirteen years. When Churchill came to power in 1951 it was a bitter revenge to his defeat in the polls of 1945, when he was seen as the saviour of Britain during the Second World War. When in power Churchill and the Conservatives grew in confidence as they witnessed an economic recovery happening in Britain. They saw an end to economic problems that had occurred in the 1940s. Ration books were finally discarded after rationing had been at its worst when for the first time bread had been rationed. This meant much more freedom in spending for the British public. There was a boom in spending on consumer goods like washing machines, refrigerators, cars and televisions. The ownership of Television sets quadrupled in Britain. The Conservatives benefited from this by the introduction of commercial television in 1954. ...read more.


Macmillan's pushed his new Chancellor of the Exchequer Heathcoat-Amory to adopt reflationary economic measures. Income tax was cut sharply in the 1959 budget, industrial production was racing ahead and unemployment was falling. Macmillan had also established his reputation as a world statesman. This meant that he was capable of holding his own with the leaders of the 'superpowers' like America and the Soviet Union. This earned Macmillan the name of 'Supermac' and he had pulled off a stunning triumph as the Conservatives won a third successive election victory in October 1959. Harold Macmillan turned the Conservatives around superbly after being made Prime Minister in 1957. Macmillan was faced with many problems when he came to power but he managed to turn the Conservatives fortunes around and record a third successive victory for them in the 1959. Macmillan was another important reason to why the Conservatives managed to stay in power between the years of 1951 and 1964. ...read more.


Britain had not been having theses pleasures before with war and countless economic problems. Finally the streets were safe to walk on and the nation possessed an enviable sense of community. The conservatives used this to gain support for their party and as Macmillan famously said in 1957 they had 'Never had it so good'. The Labour party did play a significant role in helping the Conservatives win three successive electoral elections. The conflict within in the party did enable the Conservatives to gain support but it was the boom within Britain that did win them their three victories. Macmillan also contributed to the Conservatives thirteen-year era because he rescued them from the lapse that they had suffered in the years before. Macmillan cut income tax in the 1959 budget, he had industrial production racing ahead and unemployment was falling. His achievements were great and he rightfully earned the name 'Supermac' but as in 1955 with Churchill Tory successes rested primarily on a boom. The sharp rise in living conditions moved Britain forward and enabled the Conservatives to stay in power between 1951-1964. History Essay 09/05/2007 Mrs Gatesfield George Pretty 12BS 1 ...read more.

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