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Why did the events of 1948 and 1967 lead to the creation of Palestinian refugee problem?

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Why did the events of 1948 and 1967 lead to the creation of Palestinian refugee problem? After the First World War both the Arabs and the Jews were upset with the British after their promises to them, and how they contradicted each other. After the First World War the lands of the Turkish Empire were taken from the Turkish and given to the League of Nations. The League of Nations asked the British to control and govern Palestine and prepare the area for Independence. The land of Palestine was only under British control till it was thought that Palestine could govern the land well enough on their own. But also the Jews were handed to the British who were now to work with the Zionists to set up a national home for the Jews in Palestine. This was sure to create problems and tension between the Arabs and Jews as now they both wanted the land all for themselves, and the rivalry was bound to ignite between the two sides. There was bound to be some anger left in the Jews and Arabs toward the British after they had betrayed them during the war with the ownership of the land, and supporting both sides. ...read more.


They say they murdered 154 men, women and children, mutilating them in order to scare away the other Palestinians. It worked. The Israelis claim that on May 14th, 1948 the British left and the Arab enemies invaded the country. Already by the time hundreds if not thousands of Palestine Arabs and left their homes already and become refuges as a result of the fighting that had taken place in the country. When the regular Arab armies joined the fighting the full-scale war was said to be ensued and the number of refuges swell. The refugees where thought to be the ones who perpetuated the aggression against the state of Israel. There is such a difference between the two explanations of what happened because both of the sides anted to be seen as the good innocent side that needed to be helped. So seeming innocent and hurt was a way for them to gain support. After the war of 1948, Jewish immigration to Israel occurred in every country in Europe and beyond. This was because once the Palestinians left, there was much more room in Israel and Zionists have always-wanted to go back there. ...read more.


In 1967, Israel fought the third of her major wars against her Arab neighbours. As a consequence of this war Israel took over the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. Many Palestinians who has fled from Israel in 1948 now found them selves under Israeli rule. Other Palestinians fled to new or enlarged camps in Lebanon or Jordan. Palestinians would resent Israel taking over the occupied territories because they would be then under the control of the enemy, in that they would have to follow curfews, and have military presence. Also Palestine has now been taken over, making it less and less likely that the land will ever be brought back to them. Also Israel encourages the Jews to form in the occupied territories, which would make it even harder to gain the land back. Through the taking of the occupied territories, the refugee position worsened. This was because the major part of the refugees from the war in 1948 had fled to the Gaza Strip and West Bank may not like coming under Israeli rule and so may flee to neighbouring countries like Lebanon or Jordan. This time the Palestinians played no part in this addition to the refugees and so they would have real reason to blame the Israelis for it. ...read more.

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