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Why did the Liberals win the 1906 election?

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Why did the Liberals win the 1906 election? There are various reasons given as to why the Liberals succeeded in winning the 1906 elections, decline in support towards the Conservative party, a new Liberal attitude which enabled its members to reunite instead of seeing their seperate ways which is what lead to their initial collapse. The Conservative Party like the Liberal Party split over the issue of Free Trade and failed to reunite, unlike the Liberals which did so and remained so. With the Liberals being reunited regarding the issues they believed in and campaigned for enabled them to attack the Conservatives more easily. The Liberals unlike the Conservative Party weren't affected and too greatly bothered by the failure of their attempts to win the Boer War. ...read more.


Chinese slavery was also seen as being awful as they were employed cheaply and was seen as an injustice to them. Not only did the was effect the decline of the Consevative Party but due to their strong 'laissez-faire' attitude they failed to pay attention to society, especially the working class, as the Conservatives were of middle class beliefs, very traditional and aristocratic. They failed to introduce social reforms such as housing, improvement of factory conditions, wage increases and the disgraceful liveing conditions due to poverty throughout the nation. The Conservatives also came to disputes and disagreements regardin a major issue, the Tariff Reforms. Should taxes or duties be imposed on foreign imports as Britain faced ever increasing competition from major powers at the time such as Germany and USA. ...read more.


This took place under Herbert Gladston(Lib) and Ramsay Macdonald(Lab) in which both agreed not to stand against one another during elections. Therefore the two became united in order to fight against the Conservatives. Not only this but the Liberals gained the support of Irish Nationalists. With these reasons put together as well as others the Liberals obtained a landslide victory in 1906 gaining more than double the amount of seats than the Conservatives. The people felt that they were loosing faith towards their imperialist Conservative Party who were begining to find that making simple choices amongst themselves was too great a difficulty to master and to concentrate on important issues within their own terrain was unfeasable and therefore due to this loss of faith in them the Liberals were able to capitalise and win the following election with a vast majority of votes. Sean Karoonian ...read more.

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