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Why Gorge W Bush won the 2000 election

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Why Gorge W Bush won the 2000 election It was a close race to begin with. Gore and bush shared several policies that where on major issues such as the death penalty and gun law. Also It was a time of uncertainty with no major enemy to fight against for ten years the two candidates having very little foreign policy policies. The main reason why Bush won in the year 2000 is because of how close the two candidates where in the Florida election. Up until the Florida votes had been counting Gore was winning with 266 Electoral College votes. Bush then grabbed the 25 votes of Florida's Electoral College reps and subsequently won the election with 274 Electoral College votes. ...read more.


This helped Bush portray himself as non-aggressive and fatherly character. Where as Gore was seen to be pushy and much more aggressive than Bush. In the television debates Gore tried to distance himself for Clinton which in American politics is a very unwise idea "I stand here before you as my own man". This speech helped to distance himself from Clinton but also it was seen as Gore running to the left and running away from the New Democrat policies that Clinton and Gore created. This meant that Bush had a chance to run to the centre to be seen as a "compassionate conservative" and campaigned on a platform of tax cuts. ...read more.


This made was made a significant subject after the election with the Green Party scoring one hundred thousand votes. May I remind you that the republicans won buy 500 votes. Bush's campaign team was also much more experienced than Gore's. Bush had selected key members of his father's cabinet to surround him and help him campaign. He also chose a vice president called Dick Cheney. Cheney was part of Bush Sr.'s cabinet and had a large amount of gravitas, this meant Bush was able to present him self as experienced and that he knew what he was doing. Where as Gore distanced himself from Clinton completely by selecting a completely inexperienced team. This meant that Gore looked edgy for most of the time and really did not know what he was doing or where he was going with his campaign. ...read more.

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