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Why Israeli opinion is so deeply divided about the current peace negotiations and what should be done about the occupied territories?

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Chris Worrall 11B/l History Coursework Why Israeli opinion is so deeply divided about the current peace negotiations and what should be done about the occupied territories? Both Arabs and Israelis have differing opinions on the occupied territories (west bank, Gaza strip, Golan Heights) and how the problems should be solved. The Israelis have three different divisions, with each division having a different opinion about the conflict, the left wing, right wing and centre groups do not agree on one solution. Some of the groups wanting peace have joined together to try and get peace but their views on other things are different. The groups do this because if an individual group does not get above 50% of the over all votes than that group cannot come to power. The different groups join together so that their chances of coming to power are significantly higher. The groups that have joined together may agree on some issues but disagree on others which could cause major problems, this is known as coalition government. ...read more.


Terrorist threats like this into account when they are voting so they may want to choose a party who will get rid of the threats effectively i.e. extremists parties. In the news recently a peace activist from Britain was shoot and killed on the Gaza strip by Israeli fire when he was helping young Palestinians, when things like this happen people want peace more and more. Many Jews in Israel feel that the land is scared to them because the have been there for two millenniums and have no need to share it with the Arabs, it's even written in the Old Testament. They also feel that they cannot be blamed for their exile by the Romans, which saw them robbed of their homeland, but they regained it, and are faithful to their holy land. There have been many events in history of anti-Semitism, for example Nazi Germany the Holocaust and the Romans in biblical times. Many Israelis have realized that the Palestinian terrorists are not going to stop until they get what they want, so the voters that want to stop living their lives in fear would choose a party who would promise a solution for both sides. ...read more.


Many Jews are prepared to listen to the Palestinians and accept that they have a good claim to the land, they are even prepared to give half of the land to them. Israeli soldiers have been caught beating up, shooting with plastic bullets and killing Palestinians. Many feel ashamed for these actions and concentration camps such as Ansar 2. Some may even feel that they are no better that the Nazis. The extremist groups who kill and torture Palestinians help change world opinion against the Israeli regime for example the foreign secretary Robin cook was sympathetic for the Palestinians. It is my opinion that a peaceful solution is needed to help the Palestinians and Israelis, I feel the best way for this to be done is in front of the UN with a aim to satisfy both sides land needs. However there are a lot of points to take into account, like terrorist threats, costs and how to split the land. Many people from both sides want to share the land side by side, but are constantly changing their opinions due to terrorism, money, economy and politics i.e. family that has been killed, propaganda or business. ...read more.

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