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William Jefferson Blythe IV, the 42 United States presidents, is one of Arkansas most popular former residents.

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William Jefferson Blythe IV, the 42 United States presidents, is one of Arkansas most popular former residents. This man, who is currently known as Bill Clinton has made history in many ways. Bill is known for his great accomplishments as a politician. He is also the first president that was born after WWII. William was born in Hope Arkansas on August 19, 1946. His mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe was widowed three months before the birth of her first child. Bills father was a traveling salesman and married at least three other times. However, Bill did not become aware of this or his half-brother and sister until he became president. As a small child, his mother in Hope, Arkansas reared Clinton. At the age of one, his mother moved to New Orleans Louisiana. She remained there for two years studying to be a nurse anesthetist. During this time Bill was the responsibility of his maternal grandparents. ...read more.


He attended Georgetown University in the District of Columbia until he graduated 1968. He obtained a degree in international affairs. He continued to excel in his studies and was elected class president as a freshman and sophomore. Bill was an ambitious student and a hard worker. He worked as an intern for the United States Co. on Foreign Relations as a junior and a senior in college. Clinton got a chance to work with one of his mentors J. William Fulbright; the chairperson of the Co. Fulbright was an Arkansas Democrat and a leading critic of the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Bill Clinton was also known for volunteering. Nearly a month before his graduation in 1968, Clinton was moved by the death of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots that followed his death. Clinton volunteered with the Red Cross where he took clothes and fed the riot victims. Oxford University in England awarded Clinton with a scholarship in his senior year. ...read more.


In his campaign, he vowed to improve Arkansas' school and create more jobs. Clinton was 32 when he won the election making him Arkansas' and the United States youngest governor. As governor, Clinton attempted to improve Highways in order to boost the economy but was limited by businesses such as banks, utility, and lumber companies. These organizations contributed to his defeat by White, a large corporate lawyer from Little Rock after serving one term. In 1984, Clinton regained the role of governor. The term was now four years instead of two. This is when Clinton proved to be an excellent leader. His tactics helped to improve college entrance scores, and he started the eight grade basic skills testing program. He also went a step further and required teachers and school administrators to take and pass a basic knowledge test. In 1990, Arkansas' dropout rate dropped below the national average. After successfully completing all of his goals ahead of time, Clinton decided to run for President of the United States. As a result, he did not complete his four-year term. In 1992, Clinton defeated George Bush and Ross Perot with 43% of the popular vote. 1 ...read more.

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