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Winston Churchill

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Name: Winston Churchill Profession: Was prime minister of Britain Nationality: British DOB: 1874 - 1965 Religion: Christian A Brief Biography: Winston Churchill was born in Oxfordshire, England, on 30 November 1874 and died in London on 24 January 1965 aged 90. Although Winston Churchill was born in a palace, he did not have a particularly privileged or happy childhood and his education was poor. He was elected prime minister of England in 1940. Outside politics he was a good painter and an excellent writer- he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. ...read more.


Beliefs into Action: He put his beliefs into action by returning to government as a member of the war cabinet and First Lord of the Admiralty, the same post he had held during World War One. As First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill bore some responsibility for the failure of the Royal Navy to prevent the occupation of Norway. On 7-8 May, the House of Commons met to debate the disaster. The day after the debate, 9 May, Chamberlain (Prime minister before Churchill) ...read more.


On Friday 10 May, the King had summoned Churchill and had asked him to form the new government. My Thoughts: I chose this person because he had a very difficult childhood and his education was very poor but was still able to become the prime minister of Britain. I think he was an intelligent man and a brilliant prime minister. Winston Churchill's beliefs were great. He believed in something and achieved them, even when the odds were against him. I think what he did was very brave. He took on the job of being prime minister merely before a war was going to start. By Gavinder Johal ...read more.

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