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Would you agree that the creation of Israel in May 1948 has been the most important event in shaping the present situation in the Arab Israeli conflict?

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Would you agree that the creation of Israel in May 1948 has been the most important event in shaping the present situation in the Arab Israeli conflict? One cause of the current conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis is the creation of Israel in 1948. There are lots of other important factors, which have contributed to this major area of dispute and hostility between the Arabs and Israelis; a dispute is still far from conciliation. In 1947 the UN discussed the future of Palestine and a decision was attained to separate the land into two states: Jewish and Arab. The Jewish leader agreed with this idea but the Arabs rejected it as there were less Jews than Arabs and yet the Jews were to be given more land. Even though both sides didn't agree to the creation of Israel it went ahead. Despite having done nothing wrong, the partition left the Arabs feeling punished. They were determined that they would regain the land wrongfully taken from them. Since that day the Arabs and Jews have fought over whom the land rightfully belongs to. Source 1 shows what the creation of Israel has caused to occur in today's society. Israeli soldiers treat the body of the Palestinian man they had just murdered as a trophy. That is one example of the horrendous atrocities the creation of Israel is causing at the present. ...read more.


When the wars failed to destroy Israel, the Palestinians set up their own organisation to defend Palestinian rights and fight wars against Israel. Yasser Arafat set one of these terrorist groups up in 1959. It was called the Fatah. The Palestinian Liberation Organisation was set up in 1964 to represent the Palestinian people. Yasser Arafat had become the leader of the PLO by 1969.The PLO wanted to destroy the Israelis as they felt they had no right to exist. Eventually the PLO branched off into other smaller terrorist groups within the PLO itself. Arafat hadn't got the power to control them. The PLO has used several ways of attacking Israel. Here are some of them: * Guerilla warfare * Suicide bombings * Car bombings * Hijacking planes * 11 Israeli athletes killed in Munich Olympics in 1972 After the PLO were forced out of the countries they were based in they tried to reach an agreement. The PLO didn't agree with the USA's proposed negotiation terms at first but this changed in 1987 due to the intifada. The intifada was a series of demonstrations by Palestinian citizens not terrorists. They protested against their poor living standards. These demonstrations drew worldwide attention to the plight of the Palestinians and pressure grew from the outside world, in particular the USA, to solve the problem. From this position the PLO took advantage and then agreed to the terms set by the USA. ...read more.


I think there were three main causes: * The Creation of Israel * Treatment of the Arabs by the Israelis * Terrorism These three factors are interlinked with each other. First there was the creation of Israel. In 1947 the UN decided to separate Palestine into two states. This separation was done unfairly. An example of this unfairness was there were less Jews than Arabs and yet they got more land. The creation of Israel was the cause of the Israelis treating the Arabs as second-class citizens. Since 1948 the Arabs have felt they are the victims in the conflict. When the Israelis were victims they were given land. Why should the Arabs be treated differently? The treatment of the Arabs caused them to retaliate by using terrorism. Suicide bombings and many other forms of terrorism on both sides is preventing peace even today. When a peace agreement is near terrorists intervene with the use of violence. All of these factors have added to the conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs today. You can't say that one is more important than the others because they have all contributed in some way to the atrocities we are witnessing today in the Middle East. To date over 350 people, about 90 percent of them Palestinian, have been killed in the violence this year. The outcome of the conflict is unclear but in this essay we have examined the causes of the dispute, which are needed as a basis to solve it for the needed peace in the Middle East. By Emma Gathercole ...read more.

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