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Write a narrative from the chorus' speech on pg 137 till the soldiers speech on pg 144.

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YR 1 HARI QUES: - WRITE A NARRATIVE FROM THE CHORUS' SPEECH ON PG 137 TILL THE SOLDIERS SPEECH ON PG 144. ANS: - The sun had never shone more brightly on Thebes and her seven gates. The war was over- the white shields and weapons were gone. The day before, the army of Argos had invaded without any warning; with the hope of enforcing Polynices' claim but to no avail. At the seventh gate two brothers- Eteocles and Polynices met; one whose only hope to fame would have been to rise against the city - the other the defender. By the grace of Zeus who heard Polynices cries of victory even before the battle had started, Eteocles- the defender was able to achieve the victory. The citizens of Thebes celebrated by singing in the street. Celebrations of thanksgiving and grateful tears took place because the fighting had ended and enemy had retreated. At last the people could relax and play. As the citizens celebrated the victory Creon called The Senate of Theban elders. ...read more.


The Senate proceeded to pledge their support to His Majesty. It was evident that Grachius was less than enthusiastic. The decision to not give Polynices a proper burial had obviously got under his skin in particular. An oath of loyalty took place as each member of the Senate swore; "We the Senate swear complete loyalty to His Majesty- King Creon". It was evident to His Majesty that Grachius clearly disagreed with his policy of not allowing Polynices a proper burial. His Majesty proceeded to make it clear to Grachius and the entire Senate that Polynices body was guarded and that no attempt should be made to give it a proper burial. Neither lost eye- contact with each other. It was as if this moment seemed to last for eternity as His Majesty said, "because I know there are always men who can be bought, who will risk anything". He paused and collecting himself he said, " even death, if the bribe is large enough". As His Majesty was preparing to leave a Soldier dressed in a dusty uniform entered- out of breath. ...read more.


"There was commotion amongst us soldiers. We did not know who would bring this news to you as ...well the soldier who brings the bad news never...well really gets the medals", the soldier said with a a hope to steal a laugh from the Senate but to no avail. A bodyguard brought His Majesty a pitcher of wine but His Majesty threw it across the room which not only made the poor Soldier more nervous but startled The Senate Grachius thought at this act, "what immaturity. I fear for the safety of the country" Without wasting any more time as if he had finally realised that his life was at stake, the Soldier said, "in order to decide who would bring you the bad news we decided to ...draw lots.... and the looser would bring the news to you. And as my luck would have it.... I drew the shortest stick." His Majesty was not impressed. His temper had run out. "Soldier...you have clearly tested my patience. Find me this person who has buried the body of Polynices or you shall be made a feast for the Dogs" At this His Majesty left. ................................................................................... ...read more.

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