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AS and A Level: Psychology

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Is Psychology a Science?

    5 star(s)
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Discuss research into stress-related illness and the immune system

    5 star(s)
    • Word count: 1188
    • Submitted: 07/03/2010
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Jo Wilcox 06/04/2012
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Behavioural Study of Obedience - Stanley Milgram

    5 star(s)
    • Word count: 2859
    • Submitted: 03/08/2003
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Linda Penn 08/10/2013
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Critically evaluate whether Milgrams research on obedience was ethical

    4 star(s)
    • Word count: 1629
    • Submitted: 07/01/2011
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Jo Wilcox 06/04/2012
    • Reviewed by: (?) sydneyhopcroft 24/03/2012
  5. Marked by a teacher

    I think that Social Psychology can only explain some of why football hooliganism happens

    4 star(s)
    • Word count: 1148
    • Submitted: 28/11/2012
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Stephanie Duckworth 03/05/2013
    • Awarding body: Edexcel (for A-levels)
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Outline findings and conclusions of research into cross-cultural variations in attachment. (6 marks)

    4 star(s)
    • Word count: 626
    • Submitted: 07/11/2012
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Stephanie Duckworth 20/05/2013
    • Awarding body: AQA (for A-levels)
  7. Marked by a teacher

    Outline and evaluate different types of attachment

    4 star(s)
    • Word count: 821
    • Submitted: 30/10/2012
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Stephanie Porras 08/04/2013
    • Awarding body: AQA (for A-levels)
  8. Marked by a teacher

    Outline and Evaluate 2 Cognitive Developmental Explanations of Gender Development

    4 star(s)
  9. Marked by a teacher
  10. Marked by a teacher

    Piaget's and Freud's Child development theories

    4 star(s)

A Psychology student studies the brain, the mind and behaviour and will gain some fascinating insights into why humans act as they do. At its root Psychology is a scientific subject and there will be the chance to design and run experiments to test theories you'll be covering. The range of topics you'll study will typically cover memory, development, abnormal behaviour, biological psychology and social psychology as well as some more specialised areas.

Psychology requires a keen analytical mind which can observe patterns and aberrations and of the utmost importance is the ability to express ideas and arguments well. Marked by Teachers allows you to benefit from essay examples which show you what examiners are looking for in this regard.

Psychology is a truly fascinating subject which allows you to become aware of the reasons for both conventional and unconventional human behaviour. You maywish to take the subject further but if you don't it is a good basis for degree level courses in Economics, Anthropology and Human Resources Management.


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