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‘Chicken Chunks’ Advert Analysis

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My Advert Analysis By Kate Graham From the many ideas I discussed with my peers, I chose 'Chicken Chunks' to be the product I decided to produce because I think it could fill a hole that currently exists in the children's frozen food market. It would be an easy to prepare microwavable meal for the growing number of working parents with hectic schedules who wish to give their children a nutritious meal without having to spend their valuable time slaving away over a hot stove. It is incredibly simple to prepare since all that parents would have to do, is to place the product in their microwave for three minutes in its box, and when it is ready, to simply peel off the lid and serve piping hot. The chicken can be served on a plate or, to save the washing up, it could be eaten straight from the box. There are not many of these quick and easy meals for kids in the shops, and if you can come up with a gimmick that the kids will like, you can sell your product in its millions. ...read more.


Once the children have tried the product and found it to their liking, and their parent(s) have discovered how cost and time effective it is, this information will spread by word of mouth. This will also happen with the advertisements that I will take out in children's magazines and on television and our special promotional free sampling in the supermarkets will ensure that 'Chicken Chunks' will become the next craze amongst the children of Britain. Also, by its very directness the product is designed to appeal to both the overworked homemaker and the working parent in one devastatingly easy step. The packaging is designed in a very bright and colourful manner. I am sure this will be a successful attempt to capture the minds and hearts of young children, especially with the design competition on the side of the box. The children will adore the idea of being able to design their very own containers and see their design printed on thousands of boxes across the country. ...read more.


It is not proven, but it is widely accepted, that using alliteration greatly improves the chances of committing the name from your short to long term memory banks, thereby making the name of 'Chicken Chunks' much more memorable. This will be especially effective considering that the target audience for our advertising campaign is very young. I also used clear, bold writing so that the text I placed upon my advert can be easily read and understood by a young child. I think my advert will be extremely successful at cornering the market for children's microwavable meals in minutes in the UK and across the globe. It will happen not only because of the excellent marketing strategy I have devised to thrust my product into the consumer world with alarming speed, but also by the way kids choose food these days not only to suit their nutritional needs, but as a lifestyle choice. The words 'Chicken Chunks' will be synonymous with the epitome of 'cool' for all children under eleven. 'Chicken Chunks' will be the embodiment of young culture and will soon be flying from the supermarket shelves as if moving of their own volition. ...read more.

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