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A Comparison between 'The Godmother' and 'Blue Remembered Hills'

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A Comparison between 'The Godmother' and 'Blue Remembered Hills' In my first year at Hautlieu, my class as a whole performed one play from 'Sepia and Song' entitled 'The Godmother', a spoof of the prohibition era. A year on, we studied and performed an extract from 'Blue Remembered Hills', something which is quite different in relevance to 'The Godmother', yet has many similarities. 'The Godmother' owes its origin to the musical 'Bugsy Malone' in which a cast of youngsters play Prohibition-era mobsters in the tongue-in-cheek 1920's gangster flick. So, 'The Godmother' was home to the roaring twenties, where Jazz was the music, and people danced till they dropped including the world famous Charleston, Fox-trot and Shimmy. One important factor of the twenties was in 1920, when President Warren Harding was elected and women finally got their first vote. This sparked the start of true independency for woman, whom had worked together to keep true justice. 'The Godmother' tells the story of Spats Valetta, a theatrical agent down on his luck, and a group of showgirls, who go to the lengths to dress up as male gangsters and support Spats against a rival gang, and ultimately, win. ...read more.


death, and many cast members are shot, yet when staging the performance, the idea of "splurge guns" was brought up, replacing the bullet with custard. This would replace the harsh reality, for a sillier spoof. The time difference between these two plays is just over 20 years, and along with this, they are set in two different continents. 'The Godmother' cannot have the time span of longer than a day and similarly, 'Blue Remembered Hills' only covers the span of one afternoon. Also, 'The Godmother' includes characters much more developed, adult. It's the twenties, and they indulge in fun, drink and dancing. 'Blue Remembered Hills' involved children, less developed and indulge in a different kind of fun, but similarly to adults drinking, has consequences. Both styles differ yet have hidden similarities. 'The Godmother' is semi-realistic, over-exaggerated and over-acted; especially as this is a spoof and the whole cast of characters are American. It's a musical and even includes a narrator, Spats Valetta, in which much of his time he is talking directly to the audience, allowing the audience to be more involved intellectually and emotionally. ...read more.


Within 'Blue Remembered Hills', it can distantly relate to 'The Godmother', as the children are quite independent for their age, in which they're making their way through the woods without the slightest trace of adults. Also the young boys do seem to compete a fair bit with their childish games. But besides all this, they become uncontrollable, and when adults should usually intervene, they lose the innocence of childhood and become brutally faced with the harsh reality not yet known to the young generation. The costumes for both productions reflect the time period. Twenties dresses for females in 'The Godmother', along with long beads and head-band with upright feathers. The males mostly wore suits, usually pinstriped, along with spats. But all costumes were elegant and expensive. This is quite the opposite for 'Blue Remembered Hills' in which all the children are scruffy, and incredibly dirty from playing in the woods. The girls wore flowered, frilly dresses, and the boys, breaches. To conclude, both plays have many hidden similarities, yet are both unique in their own way. I enjoyed working with both pieces and they've taught me things unknown to me before in the department of performing arts. 951 Words Danielle Andre ...read more.

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