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A comparison of 'Blue Remembered Hills' and Bugsy Malone'.

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Drama evaluation A comparison of 'Blue Remembered Hills' and Bugsy Malone' In our last drama piece we performed a section of Dennis Potter's 'Blue Remembered Hills'. This play is mainly based around seven, seven-year-old children living in the second world war, these children are played by adults to show the small amount that adults are aware of in the child mind. I will be comparing thins to the script of 'Bugsy Malone' written by Alan Parker, this play is the reverse of 'Blue Remembered Hills', it is set as children playing an adult role and so seeing in to the life of an adult and being involved in adults situations. I will be comparing these two scripts because I feel that they contrast well with each other because of the actors playing different ages. I will also be talking about my performance of 'Blue Remembered Hills' My performance piece and 'Blue Remembered Hills' In my performance piece me and four others (Sophie, Boe, Holly and Fraser) performed selected scenes from the play 'Blue remembered Hills'. I played the part of peter in the scenes, peter thinks of himself as leader in this play until scene 11 when he gets into a fight with another character, john and loses and then john becomes the 'leader' of the seven. ...read more.


This shows anger between the two boys, this was shown well in our performance because we used the space on the stage well and took the attention off of the other characters, this was difficult because the scene was so serious, and it was difficult for me to stay in character. The moments of uneasiness and then end of his scene were well put across in our performance because we used actions and motions that made us look uneasy. These two scenes were difficult because the amount of enthusiasm used by children is difficult to capture and hold on to for a long period of time. Also in this scene Boe had to double up characters and become Raymond as well as Willie, this caused a slight problem but was easily over come. It is interesting in this scene how seriously Peter takes the 'deal' that they made, it is almost a hint of adult nature, this maybe to show how maturely the children deal with their situations. The next scene contained the fight between John and Peter, this is very important in the play as it is the part in the play when Peter looses his position as the 'leader' and becomes second best and the other characters have another person to look up and start to discuss the possibilities of this new leader figure; who could he beat, what might happen ect. ...read more.


This entire play was very difficult to perform because of lines, accents and movement ECT. We tried to use space effectively and we used costume to add to the effect. I think that over all we did quite well performing this piece. Bugsy Malone and a short comparison As I do not know much about Bugsy Malone, I will only write a brief part on it, the basic out line of this story is that children who are put into adult situations, in the reverse to Blue Remembered Hills, are gangsters who fight against each other throughout the play, Bugsy is the leader f one gang. The gangs compete with things to try and get better than the other gang, instead of using guns, they use paint guns and water pistols. I think in comparison to Blue Remembered Hills this shows the small amount that children and adults know about each other's roles in life. The two are very similar in the way that the 'children' in Blue Remembered Hills are put in a very childlike situation, and the 'adults' in Bugsy Malone are put in a very adult situation, I both play the characters have very different fears and emotions to one another and these are expressed well throughout both plays. by Abi Gordon ...read more.

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