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A look at the main features of Conformity and Obedience.

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Task 1: Introduction: I have been asked to continue on from my last assessment and this time look at the meanings and the main features of Conformity and also Obedience. Obedience: Obedience is the act of obeying what you are told or obeying authority. The dictionary meaning for obedience is "dutiful or submissive behaviour" Conformity: Conformity: Correspondence in form, manner, or character; resemblance; agreement; congruity; -- followed by to, with, or between. (Dictionary.com) Within conformity there are three main features, the first one is Behaviour. Every person is influenced by other people's behaviour, for example, if we are with a group of people and they all jump across a railway, you may not want to cross the railway but because the rest of the group are doing it you feel that you have to. ...read more.


If you are with a group of people that are in a really good mood then you will automatically cheer up but if everyone in the group is really negative and de-motivated then you will adopt the same kind of attitude. The third feature of conformity is Personality. People have different personalities and often this affects how often they will conform. Some people are born leaders and some are not. Often born leaders don't like to conform they think that they know a better way of doing things but other people conform because they feel that they have to. It's their kind of personality. Task 2 There are many factures in conformity, some of which are: Uniform: people conform to uniform because many people within the job conform, this could be linked to peer pressure. ...read more.


The three main features of obedience are: Compliance with practices: this is where people go along with whatever the rules and regulations are. They feel they have to do this because again every one else is doing it. This also links to peer pressure. Obedience Status: this is where you comply with peoples status. For example if you are a police constable and are told to do something by a sergeant then you will do it, because their rank is of a higher status than Yours. Social contacts proximity: this is where people tend to work in groups, maybe of around 2 or 3. This is because people tend to conform more when they are with other people that are doing the same. This also links back to peer pressure when you are going along with other people. Ryan Mitcham Understanding Discipline BND Public Services Chris Priest ...read more.

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