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A media text that I have studied recently is "Clockwise".

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"Clockwise" Siobhan Lawless A media text that I have studied recently is "Clockwise". Clockwise was directed by Christopher Morahan. A character who is seen to change during the narrative as a result of what happened to him was Mr Stimpson the head teacher. He was played by John Cleeze. I notice this change in character throughout the narrative. At the beginning of the film Mr Stimpson is seen to be in authority, we see this as he is disciplining pupils. The techniques used to show this are medium close-up shots and high angle shots to show his importance. He also wore a smart suit in order to show his authority. In the assembly sequence he walked in exactly as the clock changed to 9 o'clock, this shows he is obsessed with punctuality. His entrance is grand as the children stand until he has stood at his position on the stage and signalled to the children to sit. ...read more.


With grabbing his briefcase his speech dropped onto the floor and he ran out onto the platform, to the guard. Meanwhile his wife had checked that the train was on time. He ran into the car park to catch up with his wife but she had already left. This is represented by fast paced music, lower angle shots than high angle shots, a long shot in the car park and a high angle shot while he was rehearsing his speech on the train. These techniques of the sequence are used to show Mr Stimpson beginning to lose control. More changes occurred while on the way to Norwich he finally manages to hitch a lift from a rich man in a blue convertible sports car. So Laura comes up with an idea to get Mr Stimpson out of the monk's clothes he was wearing into the suit the rich man is wearing, so that Mr Stimpson will look presentable at the Head teacher's conference. ...read more.


In the end the amount of sarcasm he used eventually made him loose it. He was eventually escorted away by the police from the conference; this shows us him being reduced to the status of a criminal. This is shown by a close-up, a low angle shot to show no importance when he was being escorted away by police, but when he was talking on stage they used a high angle shot. There was no soundtrack but his torn costume symbolises him loosing it, as he wasn't presented in a smart suit and he also started raising his voice and loosing people's concentration. At the beginning of the story Mr Stimpson is punctual and well dressed and is very importance, but at the end he isn't punctual and not well dressed and he is also seen to have no importance. The incidents above show Mr Stimpson well presented at the beginning and he started loosing time and his presentation. I noticed the character John Cleeze as the character which is seen to change as a result of what happened to him in the course of the narrative. ...read more.

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