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A Report on Cruelty to Children in a Cotton factory situated in Derbyshire.

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A Report on Cruelty to Children in a Cotton factory situated in Derbyshire After walking around the Cotton Mill factory, surprisingly to me, I have found various types of child cruelty, which I think should be stopped in order to secure the future safety of children working in cotton mill factories. This following report shows the information in which I have found during my visit. Cruelty Beating I have found that children have been beaten for various types of unfair reasons. I saw one particular case in which a small boy at the age of nine, placed a bobbin in the wrong place, and almost straight away, got beaten with a long cane, which was held by the overseer, standing close to him, watching his every move. The boy, called George, said to me, "I have only been working here for three days, and already I have been beaten quite a few times, because I do not know where everything goes, and no-one is kind enough to tell me." I think that this type of cruelty is not asked for, because the boy is clearly young and inexperienced, and so therefore deserves a chance to be helped, and not beaten for any particular reason. ...read more.


He said, "More and more children have been asked to work longer hours but still get the same amount of pay. It isn't fair - something should be done about it." Who is responsible? Government The Government hasn't really done anything to stop cruelty to children. Even though in the past, they have made it a law that children under the age of nine couldn't work, but there should be more things done. They get a lot of money from the taxes paid by people and so should put it into good use and make stricter punishments to factory owners found guilty of child abuse and cruelty. Parents The parents of the children working in the factories also play a role in making child cruelty easier. Some parents send their children to factories to work, and make their child lie about their age so that they can work and earn money to help the family. In the future, there also should be stricter rules and punishments about what to do with irresponsible parents who put their own child in danger. A lesson should be taught to those parents and they should learn to blame themselves if something bad happens to their children. ...read more.


no reason at all, then the child can claim money from the owner and get paid holiday for the days that he or she is off work. By making this rule, owners wouldn't severely punish the children unless it is absolutely necessary. There should be more safety features to the machinery used in the factory. This would make sure that it would be safe for the workers operating the machines, and also for the children who clean the machines. Also, if a child is cleaning any type of machinery, all the power must be switched off, and a person should be standing near the machine on guard, to make sure that there wouldn't be any accidents. If these above acts are passed and made legal, then this would definitely ensure the safety of all the workers working in the factories, as well as the safety of the children. By doing this, we will be sure that everything is done fairly, and no one will be treated unkindly for something that they didn't do. This will ensure the safety of all children working in factories and we will be reassured that the future of these workers is better and these changes will help everyone, from the owners of the factory, to the future of the next generation. ...read more.

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