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A report on homelessness:

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A report on homelessness: Many people become homeless because of family problems, where it is unable for them to stay or they can't get help, so they move to the street life, hoping for better. In 2004 there is a lot more help available because people are becoming more aware of the homeless, there are more schemes that the homeless can run they can sell the 'issue' or get in a hostel, there is also support for young children and families. Children make up at least 20% of the homeless population. Families with children is the fastest growing group of homeless. ...read more.


Less than six percent of the homeless are homeless by choice. 30% of the homeless are employed on a full-time or part-time basis. Someone who works full-time at a minimum-wage job takes home about $900.00 per month and is at great risk for homelessness. Many people in the Grand Traverse Region pay 50%-60% of their income for housing. Most homeless people are victims. Some have suffered from child abuse or domestic violence. 20% are children. Many are mentally ill. Many have lost their jobs after years of employment. All have lost their homes. In general, the homeless are among the least threatening and most vulnerable group in our society. ...read more.


I consider there are also homeless people who are not so genuine, I would apply this to many younger people often found in smaller towns and cities who, I consider, do not make a sufficient effort to find employment and a home. Having said this I am well aware of the catch 22 situation of no home no job no job no home. Baring this in mind I would gladly give a donation to a person attaching themselves to a reputable organisation such as free issue. Mel: I have sympathy with homeless people and would hate to find myself in that position. Some homeless people have, am occasions, caused me anxiety especially in Leeds with their begging methods and I would question how genuine they are. Matthew Corcoran ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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