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A THEMATIC ANALYSIS ON LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT WITH REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES OF A COUPLE The aim of this research is to explore a married couple's real life experiences and the possible influences that affect their life development. A qualitative thematic analysis was carried out on pre-existing material of three semi-structured interviews and a video. Two main themes were identified : Various Influences and Changeable. This analysis showed support for some research done regarding Erikson's development stages, Peck's contribution on later life, developmental contextualism and Bronfenbrenner's theory. The findings suggest that life development is multi-facet. A reflexive analysis reviews some limitation on this analysis and recommendations are also made. INTRODUCTION Lifespan development is the one among different psychological perspectives. Psychologists are of different views on human development. Some of them split human development into different stages, some of them focus on the people's later development, some are optimistic but some not, and some opined that our development are deterministic but also some do not think so. Erik Erikson has developed a theory named as Psychosocial in which he stated that there would be eight development stages from birth to later adulthood within our life. ...read more.


The next stage of the analysis involved my reading the transcripts several times - noting significant points related to my chosen research topic. I then identified recurrent themes from the transcripts. Two main themes were identified and the data was condensed under these themes. This was achieved by photocopying the transcripts and highlighting each bit of the dialogue relating to the themes in different colour pens. Only the first two interviews were used in this research. ANALYSIS The purpose of this qualitative research is to see how a couple, Tony and Jo experienced their life and what influence to their life development indeed. Upon reading the transcripts and watching to the video, two main themes emerged : Theme 1 : Various Influences In a number of occasions, the participants stated various influences, including historical, cultural, parents factors that influence their life : I was taken ill when I was eleven and didn't go to school much before I was eleven because of the war ...... [lines 24 to 26] I went to school in Leeds 'til I was just eight and then I was evacuated. [lines 44 to 45] It's part of our background, it's the Victorian work ethic ... ...read more.


all the questions are asked by them, the interviewers are neither opportunity to ask questions nor to raise other issues regarding their life, whether this will debar us to know the true picture. REFLEXIVE ANALYSIS This analysis is only based on the pre-existing materials, i.e. the transcript and the video; there is no chance for me to ask any questions about the interviewers and the interviewees. And as I stated before, I am a part-time student, I have no experience on research interview, that means I am not sure whether the interview questions setting and the materials provided are adequately for me to do the analysis. Since I am not mature enough, I cannot really experience what the couple experienced. For instance, I have no experience on war, leave my country, or with a parent of Methodist. Furthermore, as the interviewees are not Chinese, the wording they are using may not what exactly I think due to cultural influence. Therefore, in future studies, I would recommend that there is no pre-existing relationship between the interviewers and the interviewees. Videotaped interview is considered appropriate, but the crew members should be released, because I consider they will affect the interviewees' emotion. To reflect the content more precisely, it is also suggest that the studies should be done by native students, such arrangement could lower the cultural difference. ...read more.

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