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A Walk in the Park

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September 04 St Aidan's E/C High School Farnoosh TRD No1 (a) Harrogate Jalali Original Writing 10W An album of a Descriptive Snapshot A walk in the park I was strolling along in the park when I spotted through my square shaped glasses the clear pale blue painted sky. There wasn't a single thing in the crystal clear sky. The day was bright and jolly. At the top end of my view I could see a bulky, dismal, dreary bridge. Just below the distasteful bridge there was freshly cut raw green grass wiped across the edge of the playground's bright red puerile fencing. The playground itself was rather juvenile for my taste. Precisely in front of the shocking, repulsive rouge railings to the right of my view there stood a toy like, multicoloured set of swings. ...read more.


While the other rather emaciated child was climbing up the variegated invariable steady climbing frame. The child on the stable weirdly coloured pole was quite plump and chubby. She was wearing a disgusting dark green and light green striped top with obnoxious disfiguring black leggings. Her dark bushy hair was swept back in an invisible head band. The girl wasn't pretty but her plumpness made her look quite sweet and young with her light features blending in with her glowing skin colour. I couldn't see the other child very well he was camouflaged behind parts of the paling and could be barely seen. All I could tell was that the child looked like a scrawny little boy half the size of the girl. ...read more.


As I closely examined I saw vast murky black chunks sticking out of the well kept grassy ground they seemed to be mammoth sized tyres. The unusual tyres had been positioned into the ground in a sort of track shape. The track looked gave the impression of being somewhat misshapen and to some extent it appeared tricky and complex with all the lumps and bumps. Beyond the twisted crooked track was a line of high lofty massive green fluffy clouds at first glance they looked as if they were clouds but when I looked closely I could see that they were actually gigantic trees in the distance. The view was memorable and I don't know why it is still stuck as a photo in my head but I will always remember it like it was just yesterday. ...read more.

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