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Aggression Essay Plan

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´╗┐Sophie Courtier Aggression Essay plans GENETIC EXPLANATION OF AGGRESSION ? PLAN. A01 Brief intro ? Nature VS Nurture ? What extent aggression is due to genetic factors. Psychologists look at levels of aggression in closely related individuals as levels of aggression between the two individuals will be more similar if closely related (If aggressive behaviour is down to genes). Twin Studies Levels of aggression in Mono-zygotic twins (who share 100% of genes) are compared with levels of aggression in Dizygotic Twins (who share 50% of genes). Similarities in aggressive behaviour should be greater in mono-zygotic twins if genetic factors ARE a significant factor. 1. Using twins in studies enables researchers to control extraneous variables such as environmental factors as Mz and Dz twins will have been brought up in the same environment. 1. ...read more.


1. Adoptive studies show that the highest rates of criminal violence in adopted children occur when both biological AND adoptive parents have a history of violent crime ? gene-environment interaction. May be extraneous variables which cause aggressive behaviour ? hard to entirely blame faulty gene. 1. Claimed that inherited temperamental or personality characteristics place some individuals more at risk of committing violent crime. A02 Research Evidence with criticisms Coccaro (1997) ? Mono-zygotic twins studied ? 50% variance in aggression due to genetic factors. 1. However ? This leaves significant scope for influence of nurture rather than nature and may be difficult to apply findings. 2. Capsi study found variant of MAOA was only associated with aggression when children had been maltreated ? shows environmental factor is large part of aggression. ...read more.


If people are predisposed towards aggressive behaviour or violent crime, then questions about the treatment of such behaviours inevitably arise. Some suggest genetic engineering. It also raises questions about whether those who commit crimes may not be accountable for their actions if it is purely hereditary. Use of Non-human animals ? Young et al (2002) ? Researchers claim to have identified a genetic mutation that causes violent behaviour in mice. Humans are not the same as mice. May not be applicable to us. Gender Bias ? All studies have been carried out on males ? therefore it is not applicable to everybody. Cultural Bias ? Studies are only applicable to western cultures as they have been carried out only in western cultures. ? not applicable universally. Reductionism ? Explaining aggression by saying it is down to genetics eliminates that it may be a mix of things e.g. gene-environment interaction. ...read more.

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