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All too often children are labeled as slow or stupid; dyslexia

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All too often children are labeled as slow or stupid; they are put aside into special classes for the slower kids and looked down upon by the smarter kids. Teachers and parents look at them in disappointment for the great potential they once saw in their child's eyes has gone to waste. Many teens that now believe that their stupidity is a truth were once as young children, praised for their quick learning and brightness. There must be an explanation for this. The explanation for me along with many other kids is the learning disorder called dyslexia. I would like to give them a combination of the next to definitions. "A complex neurological condition, the symptoms may effect many areas of learning and function and may be described as a difficulty in reading, spelling and written language" (Reid 2), as defined by The British Dyslexia Association in 1997. This is a common definition of dyslexia. The other definition of dyslexia is " an inherited neurological difference, resulting in language, perception, processing, and attention concentration deference's" (Dyslexia Research Institute 1). Dyslexia is a serious disorder that effects an "estimated 5 percent to 15 percent of children" (UniSci 1). ...read more.


Therefore, it is very difficult for dyslexic children to learn and read with traditional teaching styles. "Education is done on the conditioning level, and dyslexics can master many things faster than the average person can comprehend them when things are presented experimentally" (Davis 103). But, when things are presented conditionally, or shown to them or read to them, it is much more difficult and many times impossible. Learning to read can be can be a devastating time in a dyslexic's life. It is when a child heads off to school for the first time that the special ability that he has developed so early and well begins to be a down fall for the child. This is also the point where most dyslexic children start to lose self-esteem that may never return. After all of the research, it is clear that children with dyslexia learn by visuals. Therefore, in order for words to be understood, they must stimulate a picture in the dyslexic's mind. Author Donald D. Davis explains, " we can think of the word elephant easily if we know what an elephant looks like, but it is impossible for nonverbal thinkers to understand words whose meanings can not be pictured"(13). ...read more.


As a college student, many dyslexics still struggle with dyslexia. In fact, they believe that dyslexia was easier to get around in high school than it is in college. Being dyslexic is very hard and frustrating. There are so many obstacles that dyslexics must go through. Not only do we struggle to learn, but also the self-esteem problems are a key characteristic of dyslexia. So many people are unaware of what dyslexia even is that when you tell others of your disorder, they think automatically that you are illiterate or slow. It is very difficult to keep any pride in your self when others, even yourself sometimes, doubts that you have any ability to be educated. In the end though, I believe that dyslexics will achieve so much. Dyslexics have to learn that they have to work harder than others do and though it is frustrating and tiring also, they have to never give up. Dyslexia has made many people very determined persons, I think that once dyslexics over come the challenges of dyslexia, they like Albert Einstein, will be praised for the wonderful talents that with out dyslexia, they would not have or be so good at. ...read more.

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