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Analysis of Cruella Devil

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CRUELLA DE VIL Description of the Villain Cruella De Vil is a fictional character and the primary villain in the book and film, 101 Dalmatians. Cruella is emotionally volatile, over the top eccentric and evil to the point of sociopathy. Whatever she does, she does flamboyantly, and wherever she goes she brings chaos. Her name is a play on the words cruel and devil, an allusion which is emphasized by having her country house be nicknamed "Hell Hall". She treats others as of they are beneath her and has no respect for anyone but herself. She has no close friends only her henchmen, Jasper and Horace who she treats horribly and they only obey her for fear of what she might do to them. As a child Cruella was a notorious student with black and white plaits and scared all the students around her leaving her with no friends. Later on she got expelled from the school for drinking ink. ...read more.


Her abuse toward her cat also isn't done out of personal defence or risk and she does it deliberately wanting to harm the cat. The second action that Cruella does and does quite frequently is threatening Jasper and Horace if they don't do as she says and treating them as slaves, reflecting fear onto them. She uses them to get what she wants and then just throws them away. I think this is antisocial behaviour because again she is harming Jasper and Horace emotionally by projecting the feeling of fear onto them and making them afraid of her. This is obviously viewed negatively by society as society believes everyone should be treated equally and Cruella also performs these action purposefully and doesn't do them out of personal defence as Horace and Jasper are totally and utterly scared of her making it very unlikely that they would turn against her. This shows how this particular action meets the four criteria for antisocial behaviour. ...read more.


The second theory, Dollard's Frustration Aggression Theory states that aggression is caused by frustration and that aggression is a reaction of being frustrated. I believe this theory explains Cruella's aggressive acts as she gets frustrated because she can't buy the puppies and then decides to get aggressive and steal them. This shows how her frustration leads to her aggressive actions. Also the theory explains her actions because when she is frustrated and can't take it out on the person causing her frustration she usually takes it out on Jasper and Horace using them as her scapegoats. Hope for the hopeless I don't think Cruella has shown any form of pro social behaviours but I do think that knowing about the pro social factors could help make her more pro social. One factor that I believe might help her be more pro social is that if someone was in a state that she remembers herself being in or she sees someone in trouble that triggers a very dark memory of her own childhood she may try to help them because she feels compassion or empathy for them. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)


The writer starts by giving a good description of the character Cruella. When discussing anti-social behaviour however, the writer does not start with a good definition and there is no criteria to judge Cruella's behaviour against. The two theories of aggression are very brief and lacking in any detail and the conclusion is poor.

This essay has room for improvement if the writer takes on board the comments made. They need to start with a good definition of anti-social behaviour and they need to go into more detail about theories of aggression. The conclusion also needs some work on it. However, the essay is set out well and the writing is clear and flows well.

Star rating 3*

Marked by teacher Linda Penn 10/09/2013

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