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Analysis of psychological assumptions made in a newspaper article

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Psychology Coursework Word Count: 962 The source The source is taken from the Daily Mail (3rd November 2009). It concerns the feelings of a woman whose sister was murdered by her father and uncles in an 'honour killing'. Psychological issues The first psychological issue is that dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to express suppressed thoughts. This is evident in the article where Nuray says he sister was "restless and unhappy". This issue is supported by Freud's work on the interpretation of dreams, saying that dreams illustrate the logic and suppression of the unconscious mind. The second issue is clear in the source where it describes the accused as sitting 'impassively in the dock'. It assumes that the killer has a delayed moral development because he is not showing any emotion after killing his daughter. This relates to Kohlberg's research on moral development which states that criminal's moral development is delayed. The third psychological issue is that the death of a family member is a stressful experience. The article states that Nuray 'let out a long piercing howl of anguish' This issue is supported by Homes and Rahe who developed the social re-adjustment scale which said that death of a family member is a stressful event. ...read more.


Kohlberg developed a theory of moral development after conducting a longitudinal study on 75 boys from USA, Mexico, Yucatan, Taiwan and Turkey. It included 2 stages in which there were 6 sub stages. The 3 stages were pre-conventional, conventional and post conventional. The difference between these stages was the pre-conventional stage was associated with following the rules. The conventional stage was associated with being good to please someone and the post conventional stage was more to do with self control and what the person wants to do to please them. He said that these stages are invariant so everybody goes through them however criminals have a lower development rate. It seems the murderers have a delayed moral development because they killed their family member due to a cultural reason which they didn't even question. They carried out the act without any remorse and so their moral development is an issue which the article picked up on. Issue 3: Death of a family member is stressful The Social Readjustment Rating Scale was developed by Holmes and Rahe, which assigns values attributed by a sample of 394 people to life events which are stressful. ...read more.


Gibbs developed a moral reasoning programme which was supposed to help the moral development of criminals. Since the killers have low morality they could be sent to moral reasoning sessions where they learn that what they did was wrong and hopefully develop their morality. The downside of Gibbs programme was that it is not certain if the programme is effective for all types of crimes. It may be that it is not suitable for people who were involved in a moral reasoning programme and instead they need to be sent to other sessions where they can see that how they came to the decision was wrong. A way for Nuray to overcome the stress is by seeing that what happened was bad luck and that she was not to blame for it. This would mean that Nuray does not see herself as being responsible for her sister's death and so she can overcome the loss of her sister by being determined to move forward. This theory was developed by Frazier as a result of interviews with rape victims and the most successful adaptation was seen as not blaming themselves. ...read more.

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