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Analysis on Primary Research Questionnaire.

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Analysis on Primary Research Questionnaire For our primary research we chose to produce a questionnaire. We asked eleven questions related to cereal and breakfast, so we could try and gain some information on what our future customers maybe looking for. We first asked "Are you male or female?" this was because we wanted to ask eight of each to get a fair lot of results. Question two was "Do you eat cereal?" this was to find out how many people do eat cereal at any point of a day. This gave a result of the majority did eat cereal. Our third question was "If not why not" this was a follow up question for those who previously answered "no". ...read more.


the majority said as both a snack and a meal. We found this a bit surprising because only two people said they eat it as a meal only. Question six was to find out what brand of cereal people eat, and whether own brands were as popular as brands such as Kellogg's. Results told us that most people preferred Kellogg's to any rivals. We wanted to find out how much people were willing to pay for cereal each month. We found that �7-�9 a month was the average spent. We thought that that was about �2 each box and one box a week. ...read more.


Our last question was about what influences choice of cereal, taste was the highest, and then price after, brand had only one vote. This worried me slightly because if a cheaper brand improved their taste to compete with bigger brands like Kellogg's would people abandon Kellogg's and purchases the cheaper alternatives? Evaluation on Primary Research Questionnaire Overall I was pleased with the results of my questionnaire and I was able to collect useful information. I could have improved it by asking children as well so my questionnaire would be less bias and leave me with information on what children like. I would then have been left with a wider range of results. As a whole I believe that we produced a questionnaire which provided a sufficient amount of information to help us in our project. ...read more.

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