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Are Computers Detrimental To Children's Learning

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Are Computers Detrimental To Children's Learning? The new technologies that have been presented in the XIX century, such as computers, brings to us many advantages and disadvantages in various aspects. The key question is: Are computers harmful to kids in their education and in their daily life? Many studies have been made in terms to determinate what is the valid opinion about this subject. In fact, there are many divided opinions about if computers are or not harmful. Computers can be harmful or not harmful depending on the use of it . I'm going to compare the different opinions about this subject, because I believe that it is fair to have a vision of both sides, so every person has his own justified opinion about the subject I'm going to discuss. ...read more.


said Burbles. This means that throughout the years, computers and technology (that go together) have become a necessity for all generations, specially for the new ones, in other words, a person in this century, cannot be an ignorant in terms of technology. The last pro that is very important to state is that due to computers, there is much more information and resources in general available for every one. In this way, the resources and information are not only reachable for some people, this helps to spread an even education all around the world, helping the people that don't have as much access as others to education. ...read more.


The last but not least disadvantage that has relevance in the subject is that the computer is an isolated activity, therefore children do not interact with their classmates as in the playground. This is a terrible disadvantage in terms of the development of children in society. They loose all contact with other people, creating this very introvert and not communicating children. As a conclusion, I believe that computers and technology can be very useful in terms of advance in education and equal terms of learning. It can also be helpful to be connected with the whole world and know faster the different advances and recent methods in education. As most things, I believe that computers do have a negative side, that can interrupt the normal psychological and physical development of a child. ...read more.

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