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Are Papa and Mama good parents?

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Are Papa and Mama good parents? Both Papa and Mama are parents, unlike those we are all used to seeing in today's society. Their role in the family, their discipline and order and most importantly their esteem is greater than great. To say they are successful parents, is quite an understatement, for they are bringing up four lack children in the white-dominated Mississippi of the nineteen thirties and succeeding quite extraordinarily. The first time we meet Mama is when Ms Crocker is informing her of Cassie and Little Mans "inappropriate" behaviour in class, earlier that day. The "crime" of the kids was that they had rebelled against the labelling of them as Negroes in the class readers. Our first impression of Mama is that she is understanding yet diplomatic. She knows that what her children done was no crime and that Ms Crocker should not force them to accept the prejudiced ways of the current system. Mama, like any good parent, teaches her children what is right and what is wrong and has taught them not to accept the prejudice that they face on account of their skin colour. Mama here is definitely acting as a good parent would, but she goes even further- what she says and does in this situation shows that she is willing to upset the authorities if it means that she is standing up to what she thinks is right. ...read more.


She is bringing them up with a pride about being what they are. When the children break rules as they sometimes do, Mama gets disappointed as she feels she has lacked in that aspect in their upbringing. When the children went to the Wallace store mama felt it was high time they were exposed to the reality of what the Wallace's have done to the black people. Mama took the kids to see Mr Berry- victim of the Berries burning conducted by none other but the Wallace's. Some may feel that the sight of the deformed man may be too disturbing to show children as young as six, but their mum knows best. Mama as a good parent wanted to make her children understand the reason behind the limitations that were imposed upon them. By doing that Mama ensured that the children were confident in what they were doing, when a child has not got that confidence in their hearts they can be tempted to break the rules and taste the forbidden fruit. The Logan children know that forbidden fruit does not taste best. When a child is disturbed by something that happens to them it is the duty of every good parent to listen to what they've got to say, to understand them and to act upon their understanding. ...read more.


Papa only appears a few times in the book but every time he appears he makes an influential movement, or says/does something vital for the betterment of the black population and the plot of the story. Papa's most influential move comes at the end of the book, when he sets the cotton on fire to save T.J. If Papa sacrificed so much for a boy that was considered unfit to be dealt with on the basis that he is black, one must ponder to which extent Papa would go to save his own children. Mama and Papa, through a chain of events in the book truly prove that they are first class parents, fit of bringing up four successful children and equipping them for the bleak future that lies ahead. They may be compared to a farmer that sacrifices every penny he has got and every spare second of his time ensuring that his crops turn out to be the best. Papa and Mama have reared disease-resistant crops, children that can resist the diseases of infectious, contaminated white prejudice. Papa and Mama are always "watching the weather forecast" and making sure no ill or harm is inflicted upon their "crops"(children). What can I say but Mama and Papa are the best farmers around! ...read more.

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