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Are transgender operations ethical

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Some people argue that, because it is easier to create working female sex organs than working male sex organs, the decision over which gender to raise a child may be driven by this rather than what's best for the child, therefore making surgery unethical. The issue is whether the procedure for sex reassignment is ethical, what would it involve? Who decides? Should it be different for children? Sex reassignment is not frequently undertaken, but is documented over the years in many different countries, so is an issue worth considering. Sex reassignment would involve changes in hormones and reconstructive surgery, both of which should not be undertaken lightly and there is an ethical discussion over when such biological interventions should be allowed and what measures should be taken to ensure such procedures are ethical. ...read more.


However, it is accepted by most people now that mentally a person can feel very uncomfortable in their body and this is accepted to an extent as a mental disorder, so surgery and medical procedures might be judged ethical. Pfeiffer's studies on rats and other studies on humans have shown that genes direct hormones and other processes so that from six weeks old the foetus will start to develop as male or female according to their genes. The XX sex chromosome leads to a female child whereas the XY sex chromosomes lead to a male child. In the XY pairing, androgens are released and they trigger the genitals to be male, otherwise the foetus will remain and grow as a female. ...read more.


However, our feelings are very important to us so it should be as ethical as a biological reason. Gender development appears to be affected by brain lateralisation too and perhaps brain differences lead to the feelings of being wrongly assigned although we don't as yet have the equipment or knowledge to pinpoint such causes. Money documented the case study of an identical twin boy whose surgery went wrong and was thus brought up as a girl. Then the "girl" when an adult explained that 'she' had never felt comfortable as a girl and as a result became David a male. His story suggests that biological sex is very important to how someone feels, so if someone feels they are the wrong gender there is some evidence at least that it would be unethical to prevent them from becoming what felt they should be. ...read more.

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