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Armenian families are not like oranges they are more like peaches. The two juicy and the most powerful

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Simple Jokes on Serious Issues Introduction "If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable - each segment distinct." Letty Cottin Pogrebin So I fully agree with this quotation that a family is a unity of different members and every person in this united circle has a right to decide on his/her lifestyle though this orange rule never works in the Armenian families. Armenian families are not like oranges they are more like peaches. The two juicy and the most powerful parts of the peach are the parents who govern over the seed, i.e. the child, which remains inside until we eat the peach. As soon as the peach is eaten the seed is freed. The purpose of my presentation is to let everybody know in this international audience what the traditional process of upbringing is like in the Armenian reality, what stages it passes and how it results in our society. ...read more.


A lot of families keep a very tight control on their teenage daughters, while the boys can do as they please, go where they want and even take the car... Teenage girls are invited to participate in household tasks, taking care of younger siblings, and get praised for doing so, especially if they've cleaned their brother's room! Teenage boys come in hungry from school and expect food to be ready and hot. They are taught to be entirely dependent on females for everyday activities: they will never learn to cook, do the dishes, do the laundry, buy their own underwear or go for groceries. Sexual education is provided by the television shows; no need to discuss any such forbidden subjects. Young Adults Finding work is an important issue, especially for men. Young adults live at their parents' home until marriage. Dating is permitted and encouraged by parents if the date fills the criteria: Armenian origin, "good family", "serious", thinking about marriage. Short-term relationships are discouraged. The "no sleepovers" law is still in effect. ...read more.


Summarizing I want to confess honestly that, of course, some of my points were exaggerated and outdated and were not true to nowadays life in Yerevan, but when speaking about other cities and villages of Armenia all I have said quite often reflects the reality. It is a big Armenian tradition to bring up their children in a way their ancestors did hundreds years ago. So it is already time to make the traditional behaviors a little bit modern. Of course, traditions can't and shouldn't be removed, but our attitude towards our children can and should be reconsidered. "We should be the change we want to see." Mahatma Gandhi Changing anything is not easy, it is not even enjoyable sometimes, but the results are the fruits of the trees you yourself have planted. If we want to eat a tasty and juicy fruit then we have to put our heart and soul in it. That way, if we start planting the seeds of change now, may be later the humanity will thank us for our gorgeous hearts and brilliant brains. ...read more.

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