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Bandura Essay

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Laura Henderson Psychology Bandura Essay A) The Bandura study aimed to see if children copying aggression that they see in adults. In the study a male or female model was aggressive toward a bobo doll, the children were then observed to see if they imitated any behaviour shown by the model, or if they were/weren't aggressive. There were also 2 control groups, one of which had seen a non aggressive male/female model and another group was observed after seeing no model. The results showed that the children were more aggressive when they had seen the aggressive model. Boys were, on average, more aggressive than girls. The gender of the model also had an affect on the behaviour of the children. Boys were more aggressive (both verbally and physically) when they had seen the aggressive male model. Girls were more physically aggressive when they had seen the aggressive male model BUT were more verbally aggressive when they had seen the aggressive female model. B) Snapshot studies can be very useful for looking at specific details of behaviour or if the experimenters are lacking time and money. ...read more.


Generalisations are then made of all children and young people, from the results of a few children of a certain age. In the Bandura study he used children of a nursery age and observed them for only 20mins; the results are then seen has having big implications on television and computer games. The results could have been like they were because children of that age are impressionable or that they feel that they have to copy adults more than older children, because they are at the age where they want to seem more grown up. 3. When a snapshot study is carried out less information is obtained from the results, there is a lot less detail in any results that are gathered and you don't see the reasons behind why the participants acted the way they did. The results of the Bandura study were all just numbers showing how many children showed particular types of behaviour e.g. copying one of the phrases that the model used. This doesn't give much information to be analysed and so, maybe, the results won't be as informative as other types of data. ...read more.


The children could then be observed in the playground as to how they relate to their peers and questionnaires could be given both to the parents and to the Childs' teacher at regular intervals over the course of the study. This would make the study a lot more realistic and therefore more valid. More qualitative data and just more data mean that the analysis and the results would be a lot more detailed. Generalisations could be made with more confidence because most children watch TV and have access to computer games and so are more likely to be affected by it. This would then mean that there would be bigger implications from the results. 2. The same type of study could be conducted but instead of looking at the children being affected by the media, they could look at the affect of the more violent toys that boys are usually encouraged to use when they are young, by restricting access, to toys that are seen as violent, to some children and letting others go on as normal. By doing observations and questionnaires to parents and teachers, it could be seen if they have an affect. ...read more.

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