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Behavioural studies.

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Behavioural studies Fred Luthans defines the perceptual process as "a complicated interaction of selection" (Organisational Behaviour 1995). Our perception effects our every day life whether it be which restaurant we would prefer to go to for a meal or what group of people we decide to socialise with in a club. Perceptual errors are happening continuously in our everyday life. Such as stereotyping,halo effect and attribution.However if the correct measures were taken then these perceptual errors could be cut down . Stereotyping is the process of assigning attributes to people on the basis of our perceptions about the group to which they belong.These groups contain people which include managers, supervisers, union members, woman and white and blue collared workers. Stereotyping contains two fundamental errors. People whilst stereotyping ignore variations and mistake characteristics. Such as it is a common stereotype to say that the Scottish are mean and stingy and people often say the Irish are drunks. Although this is probably not the case for all the Scottish and the Irish. ...read more.


A main problem caused by the halo effect is that organisations often make inaccurate appraisals. " A recent comprehensive review of the performance appraisal literature found that he halo effect was the dependent variable and was found to be a major problem affecting appraisal accuracy." (Organisational Behaviour page 162). One classic research study noted three conditions under which the halo effect is most marked. 1: When the traits are unclear in behaviour expressions 2: When the traits are not frequently encountered by the perceiver. 3: When the traits have moral implications. The halo effect can have a direct effect on perception. This has been revealed in many scientific tests where people are given a description of two people with identical personalities. They only have one difference and that is that one has the character trait of being cold and the other has the character trait of being warm. The result of this experiment was that two completely different perceptions were given. The attribution process is where we observe behaviour and infer meaning. ...read more.


Fundamental attribution is where we are guilty of underestimating the impact of internal causes when monitoring the behaviour of others. Studies have proven that sex and appearance affect the way we are perceived paid and promoted. A study showed that the hourly wage of overweight woman aged 23-31 was 20% lower than that of woman of average weight. A good example of where attribution is a perceptual error is that in "June 1996 Sharon Wilson 20 sales assistant at Jacket Racket and Destinys Clothing company Clydebank was dismissed for being to fat and ugly when pregnant, wins unfair dismissal claim of �1049 against employer"( Huczynski and Buchanan Page 226) Perceptual errors are probably something that we will never get rid of in society. Perceptual errors are an ongoing occurnce in our ever day lives. The wrong perception is often the reason that some unfortunate individuals don't get the job that they applied for. In some extreme cases perceptual errors can lead to wrongful arrests. However many organisations are now taking steps that they feel necessary to cut down on these errors by making their employees take tests to help them with self awareness. ...read more.

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