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Being a member of family today presents manychallenges

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Being a member of family today presents many challenges What is a family today? What challenges does being a member of a family present while traditional family structures change? Every family has to struggle to balance the demands of work and children. Also the relationship between each spouse can become more delicate and complicated. Besides, the single parent has to face even more challenges than any other. Today, in a vast majority of families, both the wife and husband have a job. Many working parents are under stress as they have to try to balance the demands of their work, children and relationship. Over the past 25 years, women's and men's roles have changed dramatically. In fact, the world of work and home are not separate, research indicates a profound impact on work and home life. As large numbers of married couples work outside the home and have parenting responsibilities, their multiple roles have grown. Therefore, the combination of work and family roles generates a spillover of stress in these two areas. ...read more.


Moreover, if men and women can not co-operate well to deal with,the decision-making is difficult or does not satisfy both, and then wife and husband may easily have arguments and disagreements. For some of them, these may become a serious communication problem. Since both men and women have to look after the family, sometimes they will have to put their personal, emotional and physical needs aside. As already mentioned, when men and women feel stressed, then arguments and complaints may hurt the relationship. As a result, the relationship between wife and husband becomes more delicate and complicated than in the former traditional family where the wife remained at home to undertake all the tasks of raising children, cooking and cleaning. The vast majority of single-parent families are low-income families consisting of a mother and her young children. In fact, the single parent family may often have extreme financial problems following the loss of a spouse to death or divorce. Some investigation shows about fewer than half of the families who are owed child support receive their support payments on time and in full. ...read more.


Furthermore, in situations where there is no other parent to turn to, however, single parents have no choice but to make every decision and take responsibility for every task themselves. As great as any physical, financial or child-rearing need, single parents must also deal with their own emotional needs. And these are sometimes left unfulfilled in the daily grind of single parenthood. In conclusion, raising a family presents many challenges: rushing to meet the demands of jobs, children and spouse; dealing with a variety of problems, no matter if you are a single or married parent; trying to accommodate personal needs. It is important for that parents who have children and work outside the home to make sure they communicate with each other and acknowledge each other's needs, consider carefully their mutual responsibilities, and if faced with the breakdown of their marriage, work to maintain a parental relationship which assists their children to realize that each parent cares for them and remains concerned about their emotional and maturing needs. ...read more.

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