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Boarding schools-The making or Breaking of them.

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Boarding schools-The making or Breaking of them In this essay I am going to argue for and against boarding schools. Most people have children to see them growing up, but some parents end up sending then to boarding school. Is this for independence? Love? Or is it just that the parents don't want the children around the house? One of the main reasons for boarding schools to begin with was for people who were going to war or always being transferred between jobs so the children would not be moving, so their education is not disrupted. Many people think that sending their children away to a boarding school for around 10 months of the year is a negligence of a parent's duty. ...read more.


This also gives the child help in preparing for later life and to gain confidence and independence, but some children feel neglected thinking that their parents do not want them feeling that the parents do not love them and this can lead to psychological damage or the lose of innocence/childhood. Another reason it could be a bad idea is that the child might not fit in with the children at the school and could feel a misfit. But then again people may think that just because you are paying a lot of money does not mean that you are getting a better education. Their children are always in a school environment all the time, so they must always follow the rules and regulations this may teach the children great discipline, eventually they get used to these conditions and it becomes a normal life for them. ...read more.


worries at home with their parents they have to live at a school where priority is to get around on your own having responsibilities at such a young age. There are many arguments which can be put forward when the subject of boarding schools are raised. Lots of them have very good points and it's just a matter of opinion. My opinion on boarding schools is that I don't think that sending a child to a boarding school is right at all as a child needs love and affection the way only a true parent can give. It could also be a big mistake as if a child does not fit in then the child could be destroyed for the rest of their life's thinking that they will have no-one beside then through out their life's. Amin Mahboubi 11G2 ...read more.

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