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Case Study for psychology. The boy who couldnt stop washing

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Case Study ? The boy who couldn?t stop washing At school, Charles had been an enthusiastic student with particular abilities in chemistry and biology. He was a very easy going boy with a friendly and playful disposition. There had been talk of him pursuing a medical career. However, at about the age of 12, he had started to wash compulsively. There appeared to be no reason why this behaviour started, but washing took up more and more of his time each day. He tried to keep his obsessive compulsive symptoms under control during the time he was at school. ...read more.


After washing for about three hours, Charles would spend about two hours getting dressed. Charles mother discouraged his strange washing rituals, but later, not wanting to see his misery ?helped? him by obsessively cleaning items in the house with alcohol and stopped people from entering in the house with their ?germs?. Charles father could not understand these behaviours and spent more and more time at work. Charles didn?t hear voices, but felt that he was compelled to clean and wash obsessively because of some internal and insistent sense. ...read more.


Whilst Charles was being treated he developed a drug tolerance and the beneficial effects waned. Charles was eventually treated with the drug Anafranil and his symptoms disappeared for about a year. Unfortunately, he developed a tolerance to the drug. Although some of his symptoms returned, they were not as marked as before and he was able to control the amount of washing he did. Charles found that by conducting his washing rituals in the evenings, they did not interfere so much with his day-to-day activities. Charles was put on a treatment programme that helped to reduce many of his symptoms. He was able to resume a normal life. Reference Rolls, G (2010) Classic case studies in psychology (2nd.ed) British Library: London pg 155 ...read more.

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