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case study of psychopath

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Task 5 IVA James Mitchell DeBardeleben was on the wanted list by the American secret service. He was wanted for counterfeiting and frauds. After being caught the investigators realised there was more to James Mitchell than just counterfeiting, he was wanted for bank robbery and murder. DeBardeleben's criminal profiler former FBI Special Agent John Douglas, had been on his trail for years. DeBardeleben passed $30, 000 in fake bills, he visited many stores and bought cheap stock in order to receive large amounts of change in real cash. He was constantly on the move for which reason it made it harder to catch him. The investigators observed his attendance patterns at the stores and predicted were he may go next. Their prediction was right and Debardeleben was caught. DeBardeleben's car was searched residing in his car were several guns, counterfeits, fake number plates, prescription drugs, fake drivers licence and a pile of pornography. Besides all this the main piece of evidence which needed to be found was the printing press. This would prove he counterfeited the notes himself. They found the address to his residence and conducted a search, the search led them to a mini warehouse. A storage space was found within were it was discovered that Debardeleben was a sadistic murderer. ...read more.


Physical type body shape theories. - Lombroso Cesare Lombroso was a psychologist who produced a study regarding the characteristics of criminals. He believed those who commit crimes are born criminal and that all criminals' posses the same characteristics: * large jaws, forward projection of jaw, low sloping foreheads * high cheekbones, flattened or upturned nose * handle-shaped ears * large chins, very prominent in appearance * hawk-like noses or fleshy lips * hard shifty eyes, scanty beard or baldness * insensitivity to pain, long arms James DeBardeleben - Chromosomes abnormalities XYY males demonstrate a considerably higher frequency of antisocial behaviour in adolescence and adulthood and of criminal convictions, but multiple regression analysis demonstrated this to be arbitrated mostly through subordinate intelligence. A property offence comprises the majority of offences in all groups. The XXY men have not to show an improvement in the rate of criminal convictions. It is probable that this apparently negative result relates to the relatively small numbers of cases and therefore low power of this study. - Genetic inheritance and criminality This comes back to Lombroso as he believed criminals were genetically dissimilar from non criminals. He also suggested that this difference can be seen physically: - cold, - glassy, - blood shot eyes, - curly abundant hair, - strong jaws, - long ears - thin lips" This concerned murderers; he had various theories like this for different criminals to differentiate them from non criminals. ...read more.


In the case of James Mitchell DeBardeleben, he had an IQ of 130. He started out committing minor crimes but eventually became a sadistic rapist, who tortured and used manipulation and blackmail as a way of not becoming caught. He was also smart enough not to carry out the tortures at home; in fact he used a run down warehouse, cellar. Below are studies which analyzed intelligence to crime. Terrie Moffitt and colleagues carried out a study of 4,552 Danish men which were born at the end of World War II. They analyzed intelligence test scores composed by the Danish army and criminal records which were extracted from the Danish National Police Register. Those whom committed two or more illegal offenses by age twenty had IQ scores on average a full standard deviation below non offenders, and IQ and criminal offenses were considerably and negatively correlated at r = -.19. Donald Lynam and colleagues did a study of 430 seventh-grade boys in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There IQ was measured and self-reported contribution in delinquent acts. Boys which committed severe delinquent acts, breaking and entering, or selling drugs, scored 8-10 IQ points lower than boys who did not. IQ scores and delinquency were correlated at r = -.22, with the correlation among verbal IQ and delinquency being much potent than the correlation with performance IQ (r = -.33 versus -.06). ?? ?? ?? ?? Zakia Ali 97677 ...read more.

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