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Child Labour.

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Child Labour Vanessa Tam Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an issue to raise your awareness of the disturbing events that were going on in India. Child Labour is one of the most important issues in the world. It is an issue that is worth knowing about because it is the fastest and most effective way of destroying the world's children and you will know soon. It is when children are being exploited and being forced to do heavy work, they do not receive any education and all this should be heard with open ears. We know that children are being exploited simply by the income they get. One of the main child labour sites is India. I'd like to lift up India and raise awareness of what is actually happening there and to India's next generation of children. Firstly, what are the causes of child labour in India? The answer would be factory owners and others who are looking for cheap workers. They go to poor countries and either force the children out of their families or convince them with false promises. ...read more.


Some children don't even get a salary when the rest would get such low income and such little food that they can't keep a stable and growing body. They work for such long hours every day, and sleep for so few hours that they have very low tolerance and are then vulnerable to many sicknesses and health hazards. The environments they work in are awfully dirty and dangerous- both physically and health wise. They are beyond doubt treated with the worst manner. They are punished if they disobey, they are whipped or beaten severely if they rebuke the work commanded to them, one way or the other, this may result with execution. Imagine vast majorities of India's children population treated like this. Puttan is a victim of child labour. He was only 7 years of age when he was already working in a carpet manufacturing business. He was forced out of his family and then sent away together with hundreds of other children alike him. He works for fifteen hours each day, every single day in a year. ...read more.


These children who are abandoned tend to grow up as thieves or criminals in order to survive. Does the government help? Yes, they are helping and protecting those younger than 14 years old, as stated in Article 24 of the Indian constitution in 1985, "No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or employed in any hazardous employment." Article 39 (e) states that "the health and strength of workers...and the tender age of children are not abused and that citizens are not forced by economic necessity to enter avocations unsuited to their age or strength". This is from the constitution of India broached in Human Rights Watch in 1996. The government of India did try to improve the child labour situation proving by both these articles. Another way of improving this issue is achieved by UNICEF. This organisation takes care of orphans and children and ensures child rights and strives to let children live in dignity. They provide education, reduce childhood deaths and illness and above all, they protect them. However, there may still be millions out there who are not under protection and are still suffering like how these children did. 945 ...read more.

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