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Child Labour.

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Child Labour Intorduction In today's society there are many countries that deal with the problem of child labour. In developing countries, child labour is highly recognized, but it is also acknowledged in developed countries. Most people think that child labour and child work is the same, but they're not. The difference is that child work is found in developed countries where children are legally employed for working. The children in developed countries have enough to eat, can attend school, and have time to play, but the children choose to work so they have money to spend. The definition of child labour varies from person to person and country to country. The dictionary defines labour as physical or mental work, especially of the hard or fatiguing kind. Child labour usually refers to work that is done by children under the age of fifteen and in some developing countries it is under the age of fourteen. These children who work at a very young age don't choose to work; they are forced to work by their parents at that age. Children work when they are young to ensure the survival of their family and themselves. Though children are not well paid, they still serve as a major contributor to the family income. Child labour is known to exist highly in Asia and some parts of other countries. In Brazil there are also child labourers, but they are known as street children. The definition of street children is children who work on the streets. There are two types of street children: children on the streets and children of the streets. Children on the street often cannot go home in the evening and spend a few nights on the street, either because their working day ...read more.


Even though there are laws, companies still employ children in many factories, mines and hazardous places. Patterns of Physical Geography Affecting the Issues Location is one of the patterns of physical geography that influence child labour in India and Brazil. The reason location plays a big part in child labour is because of people moving from rural areas to urban areas. Stacey states that in urban area child labour are slowly increasing, but are still a big problem in rural area. Majority of child labour exists in rural areas of India because families are poor and usually live in rural parts of the country. See figure 1.2. In India, children who live in poor areas still Figure 1.2 (What is the size of the problem 1) work on the streets of urban areas and rural areas. Child labour is more a political and economic issue and not socially affected by patterns of physical geography. Patterns of Human Geography Brazil is still a developing country that has a large population. The population is steadily increasing every year. Children making a living on the streets are estimated to be eight to ten million (Pfister 1). As more and more children are being born the majority of these children will also become street children. Having more children in a family only adds to children having to work on the streets for a living and not being able to go to school. Transportation is a factor that contributes the number of to street children because of not having enough money for transportation to go home the children have to sleep on the streets until they make enough money to go home (Street Children in Brazil 2). ...read more.


Food would have to be bought or imported for the meals provided for the children. Increasing the number of inspectors to help decrease child labour would be funded by the government. Boycott can be funded by showing commercials on television or advertisements by corporations such as IBM, Bell, etc. Conclusion Therefore, child labour in many countries is the same. As this report gives you an overview of what kind of problems are happening and why child labour is happening in the world. Many of the comparisons are similar, but different because of the various child labour in different country. Children should not have to suffer through these kinds of issue. Having fun and going to school is part of a kid's childhood. The reasons for child labour are not acceptable at all especially because they are put to work for lower labour wages. Companies such as Nike, Gap, and Reebok should not open factories in developing countries. The reason multinational companies open in developing countries because they can make lots of profit. When businesses open up in developing countries the companies don't help solve the problem, but they increase the problem. There are many solutions to child labour that can just start by picking up the phone. Boycotting and sweatshops are just some of the solutions to stop child labour. Other programs and organizations are funded to help decrease child labour in the world. Organizations such as World Bank and Free The Children are there to help get rid of child labour. Stopping child labour is not an easy task that can be done with in seconds or minutes. From the survey some people answered that more people are becoming aware of child labour in developing countries. Over a long period of time child labour will be decreasing slowly, but it will still exit. ...read more.

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