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"Children should always do as their parents say and always follow the religion of their parents" - Discuss.

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Kerri fitzgerald Honour your mother and farther "Children should always do as their parents say and always follow the religion of their parents". Some people agree with this statement strongly. Jews would argue theta one of the ten commandments is "to honour your mother and farther". Keeping the commandments are a very important part of any Jews life, keeping all the commandments means that they keep the covenant with God. The covenant says that God cares for all Jews and gives them land and descendants if Jews honour and love him (its like a deal between the Jews and God) Jews would also argue that the shema says "impress them upon your children". The shema is a prayer that all Jews recite twice a day, this is learnt from a very early age. ...read more.


The Jewish race was almost wiped out during the second world war, 6,000,000 Jews were killed In the holocaust. After that the Jews are even more determined to keep the religion strong. Some people argue that every religion has to start and grow some how. If Abraham hadn't passed on his beliefs to his children Judaism wouldn't of started in the first place. Jews circumcise there baby days at 8 days old, the ceremony is called Brit Millah. Brit Millah is very important to Jews because it is a sign of loyalty to Judaism and it is on the part of the boy that future generations are made so it passes on the loyalty to future generations. ...read more.


Also Judaism might cause a few problems with the schooling of the child if he or she doesn't go to a Jewish school. They would have to eat different food and leave school early on a Friday. All these things can lead to bullying (anti-Semitism). If a child Is given the freedom of choice they might always go back to Judaism anyway and bring up their children as Jews. However if some one hated their childhood because they were forced to do Jewish practices they are less likely to bring their children up as Jews. By looking at both sides of the argument I disagree with the statement because I believe that everyone has the right to choose their own religion and they shouldn't be forced into anything they don't believe in. ...read more.

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