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Christian response to disability.

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RS Assignment Disability Michele Dominique- 10A1 * Profile * Disability provision in my area * Wheelchair pupil in Virgo Fidelis * Christian response to disability Profile: When I used to live in France, there was this boy in my class, in primary school who was called Fabrice, he was in a wheelchair. He had a shy personality, he was friendly towards others but kept to himself most of the time. His disability kept him from being like other children his age. He wasn't able to go on school trips or even our weekly visit to the local swimming pool. Nobody really knew what was wrong with him but he was able to talk with others and managed the classwork all right. Everybody accepted him in a friendly way, he wasn't able to join in with the other boys and play football but he sometimes joined in as a referee. There was this only one time when a boy of the same age called him "fat and ugly", which landed him into serious trouble and the rest of us learned from that experience. ...read more.


In our area, there are many disabled so the local people have gotten used to them and are friendly with them, such as shop-keepers or even in post-offices, bus drivers etc...all these people have gotten to know the disabled personally and are able to communicate with them effortlessly and with gentleness and care. My conclusion on sufficient help in my area is that it's enough for the disabled in our community to feel secure and happy to go around without worrying about the others and their behaviour. Wheelchair pupil at Virgo Fidelis: If a girl was to enrol at our school, I think she would find it partly difficult. Half of it would not be so bad for her because the pupils would treat her in no different way, but they would find it extremely difficult to manage. The other half would be sort of bad, due to the fact that she wouldn't be able to move around easily. ...read more.


This is true because learning how to cope with different situations helps us humans to develop our characters in different ways, for example, this case of disabled people, if you have to live with someone with a mental disability, you would learn to live with it and help the person as much as you could. This would improve your personality and make you more aware and you'd show more appreciation and gratefulness for what you're benefiting and realise the pain that some people go through. " It has been shown that mentally handicapped people can make their marriage promises as sincerely and with as much understanding as other people..." This was taken from " The Local Church and Mentally Handicapped People " This suggests that like normal people, the disabled can make decisions for themselves and can have responsibilities towards certain things. It shows that disabled people can lead "a normal life" in the presence and comfort of others within their community. ...read more.

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