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Compare the newspaper articles on smacking and discuss how effectively each presents its arguments.

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MEDIA TASK: Compare the newspaper articles on smacking and discuss how effectively each presents its arguments. I have read a broadsheet article and a tabloid article on smacking, the broadsheet is the Daily Telegraph and the tabloid the Daily Mirror I will compare them both and write how effectively they present the issue of smacking. People likely to be reading a broadsheet will be the more educated people in the community who have a greater understanding and people likely to be reading the tabloid will be the slightly less educated people. The Daily Telegraph uses a heading that has the word "urged", which is a suggestion not an instruction therefore is the issue very serious? It also says "smack children", which gives no suggestion of excessive violence. This article uses statistics to try and show the seriousness of the problem it says "9 out of 10 parents thought mild corporal punishment was acceptable", they say 9 out of 10 because it makes you think and it sounds more than 90%. Using these statistics only considers the parent's view it also does not specify what "mild", means. ...read more.


The newspaper quotes Penelope Leach who is against smacking and she asks parents not to smack their children for a week and then you will see the difference. The Daily Mirror is the second paper with an article on smacking I have read. This paper is a tabloid and is aimed at the less educated people in society it uses smaller more common and understandable words. This paper has a photo of two children which creates an immediate emotive response and it immediately contrasts to the broadsheet which has no photograph they leave it to your imagination. The children look fairly well dressed but they are bruised and cut, they look sad and the fact that they are well dressed shows that not only lower class children get beaten. The caption, which is written in bold type immediately, draws your attention to it. The caption says "hands off," which is a very confrontational tone to create an emotive response. It also says "mum or dad," which shows that either parent can beat their child the most extreme line used in the caption is "violent nightmare," which shows the extremes of the abuse these children are facing. ...read more.


In paragraph thirty the paper highlights injustice for some children, which questions whether parents who are teaching the child right from wrong actually recognises the difference themselves. In paragraph thirty-one a system of praise and reward is written about and claims to have children eating out of your hand. This paper seems to offer more help to parent readers by giving advice unlike the Telegraph. The Mirror even offers a helpline to parents in need of advice on handling their children. Overall I think the Daily Mirror's article is more effective because it uses more violent language which makes the reader read on and also makes the reader more emotional about smacking and should convince them that smacking is wrong. The Mirror is a bit sensationalist because it goes a bit over the top. The Mirror is more for the children and biased towards them whereas the Telegraph is more balanced but cleverly creeps over to being against smacking. The Telegraph provides a broader look at smacking and uses a slightly less violent tone without reducing the seriousness of the article. So overall I think the Mirror is more effective but the Telegraph provides a more balanced and broader look at the situation. ...read more.

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