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Cue-dependent forgetting theory by Tulving

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  • Essay length: 2363 words
  • Submitted: 04/04/2005
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AS and A Level Cognitive Psychology

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As Psychology Unit 3 R.Lally



The theory being tested is the Cue-dependent forgetting theory by Tulving. Cue-dependent forgetting means that 'information is stored in the long-term memory but there is no suitable retrieval cue from the environment to prompt memory.' This means that information is available but is not accessible. An example of this is if you forget something about your childhood and you visit your old school/house it may help you remember by acting as a cue.

Tulving split cue-dependent forgetting into two different types. One type is State dependent forgetting, which is the physical/physiological state of the person when the information is encoded and retrieved, examples of these are, happy or sad, alert or tired etc. These are internal cues.

The other is Context dependent forgetting, this is the environment setting or situation in which the information is encoded or retrieved, an example of this is a particular room etc. These are external cues.

A study that supports Tulving's theory is Aggleton and Waskett (1999) 'Can Viking smells aid the recall of Viking experiences?' The aim of this study was to test whether smells could act as cues to

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