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Dear united nations. Letter about child trafficking.

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English- Persuasive writing. Dear United Nations For many children around the world, their early years are far from safe, a supportive environment they require to give them the best possible start in life is non-existent. As well as the threats from poverty, disease, violence and war, children face commercial exploitation by adults who deny them their fundamental rights to protection. Some 1.2 million children are now estimated by you (the UN) to be trafficked annually. Around 246 million children are also thought to be involved in child labour and an estimated two million children are currently enslaved in the global commercial sex trade. Everyday millions of children are exploited, abused, or are victims of violence. ...read more.


Children are particularly vulnerable in emergencies because they are physically weaker than adults and risk being separated from their families. Food and water shortages do not happen suddenly and famine can be predicted and prevented, using surveys and early warning systems. Children have particular needs in emergencies. They fall into three main categories: material (such as shelter and food), developmental (e.g., schooling and play), and emotional (protection and psychological healing). They have immediate needs that must be met, but some needs continue long after the emergency is over. These are things that we take for granted, but millions of children die every day from the lack of them. ...read more.


If the UN can cancel world debts to these poorer countries or wipe out the huge interest on them, then taxes in the countries can go down, and money can be spent on police services, schooling and providing a better quality of life. The children of the world are the future of tomorrow. Should more be done to protect them? Definitely. Selling a child into slavery is the same as taking away their life. Those who traffic children should receive the same penalties as a rapist or murderer. It's inconceivable that most countries do not have laws that cover this, all Western nations should pass laws to make this a very serious crime... it must stop! The UN is in control and can stop all the madness, with a bit of time and effort then millions of innocent lives can be saved. Yours sincerely ...read more.

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