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Depression - a sickness of the 21st century

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Depression - a sickness of the 21st century A lot of people complain about depression nowadays. Every year almost one million people die of this disease. An alarming fact is that most of those people are young. Thinking about the reason of such a situation we can come to conclusion that the main problem for those is the lack of time. At present people work much more than they used to a few decades ago. They are either forced by they economic situation or encouraged by career prospects. Nevertheless, they do not have enough free time to develop their interests and hobbies. Another important factor is that they live in a constant stress which does not allow them to enjoy anything in their everyday life. They feel depressed because they are in a hurry all the time. They even think that it is fashionable to live this way. However, such "fast life" does not give them any chance to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is another factor contributing to their unhappiness. ...read more.


They often forget about such things as sport or a good diet. They always eat on the run and do not practice any sports. Furthermore, they are often addicted to smoking, drink too much strong coffee and take far too many sleeping pills or painkillers. Sometimes they behave like children who do not understand what is really good for them. According to the saying "in healthy body healthy mind" if we want to feel good we should take care of our body. Firstly, we should find out what kind of sport would be appropriate for us and start practicing it regularly. Secondly, we ought to make sure that we eat proper meals and that our diet provides our body with all the vitamins and proteins necessary for us. Finally, we should make sure we avoid any harmful addictions which are so bad for our organism. If people remembered how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and to eat properly, they would feel better and happier. ...read more.


All in all the goal of the mentioned above therapies is to teach patients to have a positive attitude as it would help them to cope with their sorrows. According to the doctors' opinion, changing one's thoughts we may modify the state of his spirit. Thinking negative leads to the deterioration of our mood which can finally cause depression. That is why it is believed that the solution may be to learn to be an optimist. To sum up, I think there are measures to be taken to help the depressed people to be happy. The condition is that those people must want that help. People should have time for their hobby, remember to eat in a healthy way, be active and try not to be stressed. They should also remember that there are people- doctors- whom they may ask for help. If they take all the above advice seriously and have the will to do something with their life to change it for the better, they are likely to overcome the problem of depression. ...read more.

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