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Describe and evaluate an application of Ainsworth's strange situation in child attachment.

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´╗┐Rebecca and her one year old child participated in a child psychology study using the strange situation procedure. Her child was assessed as being securely attached. Her friend, who also had a small child, lived in a different country and Rebecca wondered if they were also securely attached. Using the work of Ainsworth, describe the behaviour that Rebecca?s child might show and explain cross-cultural issues regarding child-rearing styles. (12 marks) When a child is securely attached to their mother Ainsworth suggested that when in the presence of their mother the child will behave pleasantly and independently and this is how we would expect Rebecca?s child to behave when she is with Rebecca. ...read more.


The child would ignore the stranger, and displays signs of fear. The child is not comforted by the stranger. When Rebecca and her child are reunited the child is quickly soothed and the child resumes playing and exploring. The strange situation has been used in many different cultures to measure attachment type and it is possible that Rebecca?s friend?s child may behave differently to Rebecca?s child due to cultural differences in the upbringing of the children. ...read more.


barely leave their children and this could mean that these results were because the children were not use to separation and not because of the type of attachment. Another issue could be that the strange situation is not carried out in the exact way that it was by Ainsworth carried it out in America and this could cause variation within attachment types. In addition to this it does not consider the individual temperament of each child and it is possible that the attachment could be because of the temperament and not just maternal sensitivity. ...read more.

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