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Describe and evaluate the humanistic approach in psychology.

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Humanism is a psychological approach that incorporates Holism this is seeing the whole person rather than only certain aspects. Like behaviour cognitive processes. Humanism is unscientific because it rejects scientific methods as useful for psychology and thus evidences' credibility is questionable e.g. self-actualization is difficult to measure objectively. Humanism rejects the behaviorist approach of the world via stimulus-response links, rejects the view of determinism, and instead states than humans do possess free will. Humanism totally ignores biological factors e.g. Genetics Humanism assumes that for the main part, people are good and they strive to try to achieve self-actualization. Humanism ignores the unconscious mind, which does have part, as humans do not focus on all things at all times. ...read more.


Humanism is different to other approaches also because it rejects scientific methodology as a correct testing method to psychology; they argue that laboratory conditions are unable to effectively test real-world learning. As such most humanist research is Qualitative rather than quantitative humanist have also tried to find out causes of human motivation rather than the simple response's highlighted in behaviorism study's like that of Maslow's study of human motivation proposed in 1947. Humanism for the most part also assumes that for the main part humans are good creatures and that we all strive to try to achieve self-actualization or the ideal self. Finally humanism make the assumption that humans are fundamentally different from animals as we are able to cognitively process information rather than live on primal instinct alone. ...read more.


Because humanists ignore the unconscious mind, heavy criticism has come from psychoanalysts' especially as they observe the theory that the unconscious mind is the most important part of psychology. However, on the other hand, humanism has satisfied most people's idea of what being human is all about because it keeps self-attainment and values close to the center of the theory, which seems to carry more meaning than the quantitative data and laws that surround behaviorism and cognitive psychology as well their deterministic approach, make them seem official. Humanism's acknowledgement of free will is totally contrary to the laws of science, which are in fact deterministic this goes to question what humanism really is a scientific theory which is part of psychology or speculation unto what make sup a human being. ...read more.

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The writer has made some very good points in this essay showing that they have a good grasp of humanism. To improve the score the writer should try and write a good plan. First there should be an introduction to humanism with a clear definition. The writer should also add to the content of the essay a short concise precise of Carl Roger's and Abraham Maslow's work. Then a clearer conclusion needs to be added at the end.

Rating 3*

Marked by teacher Linda Penn 10/09/2013

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