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Describe illnesses and conditions that affect the behaviour of children and ways of providing support.Task 2ALuke is five years old and he was diagnosed with Digeorge Syndrome

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Task 2: Describe illnesses and conditions that affect the behaviour of children and ways of providing support. Task 2A Luke is five years old and he was diagnosed with Digeorge Syndrome when he was four years old. Cause Digeorge syndrome is a rare disease that is present from birth, and it is caused by a large deletion of the chromosome 22, produced by an error in recombination at meiosis. The symptoms vary greatly with each individual, but some of the symptoms that you could expect are... * Immune deficiency that leads to children being more susceptible to infections. * Lack of T cells. * Convulsions or 'fits'. * Underdeveloped parathyroid glands. * Feeding problems. * Heart defects. * Abnormal facial features. * Cardiac problems. * Speech impairments. * Learning difficulties. Luke's symptoms are... * Immune deficiency. * Recurrent ear infections. * Convulsions. * Abnormal facial features i.e. disfigures ears. * Speech impairment. * Feeding problems. Luke's behaviour may be affected Physical health Due to his physical health Luke has poor motor skills, poor coordination, poor communication skills, immune deficiency and muscle tone. ...read more.


If Luke is having a tantrum at school or at home a person can talk calmly to him, this will reassure him that everything is all right, and hopefully the tantrum will stop. Task 2B Ian is a four-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with autism. Cause It is not known what exactly causes autism, but research has lead to the belief that environmental and genetic factors such as vaccines or environmental toxins could be causatives. Vaccinations Some people believe that it is caused by Thimerosal, which is a mercury based preservative found in some childhood vaccines, especially, in cases of regressive-type autism. This is where a child is developing normally and then regresses before they are three. Another concern is the MMR vaccine, which contains three live viruses. Many children are believed to be immunologically depressed, and therefore cannot tolerate some viruses. Subsequently, these children react negatively to the vaccination. There isn't actually any scientific proof that the MMR vaccine causes autism, and that it's just a coincidence that children are diagnosed with autism around the time that they receive the vaccine. ...read more.


Meetings can be arranged with school personnel and parents to identify goals and establish a program to best help the child with the available resources. Many children with autism will benefit from physical, speech and occupational therapies at school. An occupational therapist can help the child improve poor motor hand skills as well as address the sensory problems commonly found in children with autism. Intervention It is common for children with autism to become aggressive at times and to have tantrums. Ian's teachers and parents can provides support to him by intervening if and when he is having a tantrum. They can have training and advice as to how they can physically restrain him (without hurting him) to stop him from hurting himself and others around him. If Ian looses concentration when having a conversation, his parents or teachers can intervene by giving him eye contact and asking him to look at them. This will hopefully help to develop his communication skills, by encouraging him to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation so that he can lip-read. ?? ?? ?? ?? OCR Level 3 Health and Social Care and Early Years. Unit 3 Rachael Crossland ...read more.

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