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Develop children's attention span and memory

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C10.1 Develop children's attention span and memory PC1 The activity I would choose to help develop the children's attention span and memory would be a selection of inset and interlocking puzzles. The puzzles which are used would depend on the children's developmental level, a chid with memory and concentration difficulties I would choose to begin with a four piece interlocking puzzles with the inset pictures that matches the piece of puzzle and gradually work towards a larger pieced puzzle. To engage and hold the children's attention I would encourage the child to remove the pieces from the puzzle by asking for a specific piece, when all the pieces are removed I would then ask the child which piece of puzzle is he/she going to choose first and if he/she can find where the piece belongs by looking for the picture which is the same. A child without memory and concentration difficulties may also require an inset puzzle but without the inset pictures. To hold the child's attention I would talk to the chid about the different shapes and sizes of the puzzle pieces, on the other hand if the child was doing an interlocking puzzle e.g. ...read more.


To allow the children to concentrate distractions are kept to a minimum by checking the room temperature if the room is too hot e.g. the heating is off due to the warm weather a fan can be used to keep the room cool, on the other hand if the weather is bitterly cold extra heaters can be used to help keep the room warm. If a child requires one-one the child is taken to the quiet part of the nursery where there would be no distractions by other children interfering with the activity. The room would be checked for suitability good lighting, temperature and any other distractions such as ringing of the telephone and any visitors, which may enter the nursery. PC5 & PC6 To help the children plan, recall and predict events information is shared by explaining to the children at Christmas time we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus by doing a nativity play, where we dress up in our costumes and sing carols. To enable our mummy and daddy etc to come and watch us because there is no room in the nursery department for everybody we will be making lots of visits to the local church. ...read more.


PC8 When there are children playing in the dry sand to help and maintain the children's attention span I would ask them if I can join in, to allow the children to maintain control of the activity I would play alongside the children and follow the children's lead this will help to build the children's confidence in their abilities. To encourage the children to focus and extend their concentration span I would ask the children if they would like some water in the sand and if they would like to help pour and mix the water into the sand, I would also add new objects e.g. cars, sea creatures and shells. I would then use the opportunity to encourage a child with memory and concentration difficulties to extend his/her play and encouraging the child to recall his/her experience on the beach while on holiday. The activity may also be used to extend a child's attention span and memory that has no difficulties with concentration and memory by asking questions regarding his/her day trip/holiday. If a child is cleaning up a spill or tidying up during the activity it is important to praise and make commentary remarks by doing so it may enable the child to complete the task well. ...read more.

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