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Discuss how evidence can be made more reliable through interviews.

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´╗┐Tulip Rizk. Essay 4. Discuss how evidence can be made more reliable. The three kinds of interview, the standard interview, the basic interview and the enhanced cognitive interview, are all types of interview which incorporate and build on the earlier one's in order to improve the amount, and accuracy of recall. Firstly, the standard interview. This type of interview was the earliest approach. Witnesses were asked to recall an event. Meanwhile, being asked detailed questions regarding the event. These questions are those police believe to be important. Secondly, the basic cognitive interview, by Geiselman et al (85) This was developed in order to achieve the maximum accurate recall of event from witnesses. The basic cognitive interview has four main techniques. ...read more.


However trivial, could help put the person back in time to the incident and may improve recall accuracy. Change the order in which the event is recalled. Recalling events in reverse order, may act as a cue. And finally, Change perspective. Encouraging the witness to report the incident from a range of perspectives including the bystander and criminal as this may provide a cue. Geiselman et al compared their cognitive interview with a standard interview technique on 51 volunteer participants, who watched two films of violent crimes and 48 hours later were interviewed by trained police officers using either a standard interview or a cognitive interview. ...read more.


Interviewer should attempt to interpret what the witness says, try to reduce eyewitness anxiety, and avoid personal and judgemental comments. And finally, to review eyewitness descriptions of events and people under investigation. Bekerian & Dennet 1993, reviewed 27 studies into the effectiveness of the cognitive interview schedule and found that the cognitive interview provided more accurate information than other interview techniques. Holliday (2003) showed children aged 5 to 9 a video of a child?s birthday party and interviewed them the next day using both cognitive and standard interview methods. They found that the cognitive interview yielded more correct details about the video than the standard interview, and so displayed that it can also be very useful when interviewing children. ...read more.

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